Would you really want a condolence call from this man?

Kelly came out to defend trumps handling of the calls to the families where the story came out tht he made the mother cry. Now, I don’t know what he said for sure…but trump is not known for his diplomacy nor his common decency, to be quite blunt so i still think he probbly said somethng that made things worse, but Kelly defended him..and I do respect Kelly a bit. I mean being part of the day care staff is not easy.

Per Kelly the president normally doesn’t call the families of deceased military. He gave a very clear, concise discription of what does happen. The president most all the time, as Obama did when Kelly’s son was killed, sends a letter. John Kelly made it clear that he was NOT finding fault with Obama…just that the letter is the standard. So, again, his point, Obama did what is expected and did it well.

John Kelly even went so far as to say he told trump that it wasn’t a good idea to call but trump did it anyway.

Now here is my take on it. trump is the one that makes this about a phone versus a letter to the family. As a blogger on another site pointed out in a recent post, the question had to do with why he hadn’t said anything about the event. Today, Kelly make the statement that trump should have made prior to the question even being asked by the reporter. Remember, that question asked almost two weeks after the occasion.

All he had to say was “We are all very sad about the death of these four young men. There will be an investigation, not that anything was done incorrectly but just because any time something like happens, we have to investigate to see how and why. We will be releasing more information.” The part about calling or writting the family could have dealt with by saying “the appropriate time…giving the family time to grieve’.

John Kelly also told me that it is possible to avoid ever getting a call. I would choose that option…especially as long as this particular person is in the white house. I would follow Kelly’s option of saying “No, i won’t accept the call”.

Why, because if I am in grief, the last thing I want to hear is that my loved one 1. knew what he was getting into. 2. was in a better place or any similar clickes. I am in pain, let me recover in my time. Platitudes, and that is what I consider the two phrases mentioned, do not get it for me, thank you.

Now, if someone has the cout, politeness, or sensitivity to limit the platitdes and just say “my heart goes out to you’…..that is fine.

However, trump is neither sensitive, polite or anything else that would prevent him from barging in and adding insult to injury.

I will give him the benefit of the doubt on this one because I know how much I struggle to not be counter productive at times like these. I hope I would have the restraint to listen to my advisors with more experience and just bow out of direct communication by just sending a letter.

But MAYBE this is what happened. “trump, having been asked about why he hadn’t made a public statement about the deaths, felt guilty or panicked bout having missed a small thing that would have benefited the whole country and the state of morale, decided he needed to call. He called, but being uncomfortable, he said what John Kelly had told him, not realizing that if it was the wrong moment for the new widow it could backfire….and of course as history shows, it did.

However, we have to also remember that this is the same man who, after doing the stunt in the video, actually claimed he never made fun of the reporter, when he patently did precisely that.

…………….so now you know why some of us are tempted to believe that trump messed up AGAIN….and that Kelly is falling on his sword to protect his boss. Not that I am saying Kelly is liying exactly but tryng to spin it to made trump look less like the insensitive heel many of us think he is …once again, look at the video for evidence of what I am saying.

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