why we can’t trust trump….on anything especially not Covid-19 or recovery from its affects

trump supporters still believe that he is our great leader. As pointed out by a friend of mine, despite evidence that the man downplayed the Covid-19 virus for weeks and even at one time said that fear was a democratic and media hoax, they refuse to acknowledge that he has in fact waffled on this issue and even now is giving out mixed signals.

Read the chart above and you will see the lack of positive leadership in the built up of this pandemic. In addition, he insisted even after this period on calling it a “foreign disease”. The problem with that is that all diseases start somewhere, and whether or not we like the fact, we are a global community. We all remember, I suspect the confusion that he interjected into this thing by saying those abroad were going to be able to travel to the US, not taking into account that many American citizens were wanting to come home.

At least he has finally quite calling the entire thing a hoax by the democrats and the media. I guess that’s what happens when every state in the union (yes, West Virginia now has its first case as of about 21 minutes ago) has cases diagnosed, and there are several deaths.

But listen to this video at about 4:00 (well listen to the whole thing but at about 4:00 is where he says what I am referring to). He is certainly sounding like he thinks it is totally a hoax. You see just because someone hasn’t YET died does not mean that they won’t. Plus, there were enough deaths in China and Italy and other countries that it should have been obvious that it was serious. But not according to trump on Feb 29th — everything was “under control” per him then.

So, today, March 17th, what are we dealing with. Well, schools are closed in many parts of the country. Today started a shut down of casinos, bars and theaters in Louisiana. Schools are closed here, and no event with more than 50 attendees is supposed to be going forward. Restaurants are now only open for “to go” and delivery service. Not, on site, dinning till the crisis is over.

Even a moderate republican friend of mine acknowledges on blogster that trump blew it until just very recently. Within the last three days he has actually made sense on the disease per that friend. Personally, I think we are owed an apology and at least an admission that he misjudged things. However, that is what a moral and honest person would do and we know how trump ranks on both those criteria so don’t expect anything to be clarified or acknowledged. I have make my point very clear on this in prior articles.

Right now, Munchin is proposing a package of about 1 trillion dollars to try and bail the economy out. Part of it seems to include up to 250 billion to send money to people who are losing money from working, assumedly being laid off as businesses are shut down to keep from spreading the disease. I will not assume anything on that. It sounds good, but they are also talking about “obviously people making a million dollars will not money”. I would want to know where the switch over is before I decide that is a reasonable or decent plan. The “tax reform” of 2017 was supposed to help the middle class and we know how little that actually worked.

The downside to this proposal mentioned in the previous paragraph is that listed with those things that are likely to benefit, trump has suggested 50 billion go to bail out the airline business. Guess what they have been doing with their tax breaks?! Yes, certainly not actually paying more to their employees or hiring more which is how the tax reform was supposedly going to help the middle class. They used 96 percent of it for stock buybacks. Once again using their gift in lowered taxes to make themselves even richer while not doing anything to help others.

All too often trump’s plans turn out to help those who are in the best position and hurt others. While the economy is not my primary focus when looking at positive policy, any economy decision that ends up making the rich richer and leaving the poor and middle class struggling is not deemed decent or moral policy by myself and many others who believe that the out of control vicious version of “capitalism” that we practice in this country is wrong.

So, let’s hope that trump actually does something good…but don’t expect it till it happens. As I said about his own insistence on going ahead with his rallies even though events for everybody else with more than 50 people are being countermanded and his blurry unclear response about being tested himself leaves us in a state of not trusting, we can’t trust this man…period.




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