Why is Antifa such a horrible thing suddenly? Maybe because we have a wannabe fascist dictator in the White House ?

Wow, what an emergency, this had to be done RIGHT NOW. /per trump anyway

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It seems like every day our nation falls further behind the civilized world. We have a supposed leader with the sensitivity to human rights and dignity of a rhino and the skin to accept criticism of a rose past its prime. His whims seem to be more important that the lives and deaths of the people he is supposed to be leading.

He had an urgent mission last night. And what was this mission and why was it so urgent? Well, he wanted to have his picture taken with a Bible in his hand in front of a Church, St Johns, that had suffered damage from a fire on another night of protesting.

Why was it so important? I am not party to the mental processes of our “stable genius” of a leader so have to surmise why. The reason was most probably because having showed his incompetence both in the way he handled Covid-19 (which has resulted in well over 100,000 deaths and counting) and hiding in his bunker while trying to ignore the anger of a good number of the people he is supposed to be leading over the murder of yet another man in cold blood in public view, he had to show himself to be the big man about the city/country/world. So he decided to stop everything going on the country and in DC and parade out with his secret service to pose for a picture.

Here’s how it played out. Suddenly 25 minutes before the curfew ordered by the Mayor of DC, police, likely ones working directly for the White House because both the police and the peaceful protestors outside were taken by surprise, started spraying tear gas and “incendiary” devices on the crowd. The result, total confusion and increased anger in the street, and possibly more violence in the near future caused by said action.

So, what was the overall benefit versus cost? On the cost side, people who were simply there to express their concern, along with the police esorting them ended up coughing and feeling less than ideal because of the tear gas. Please note, to this point, the only sign of VIOLENCE was from trump’s escort.

I want to make sure the reader has this clear in their minds. The man who is supposed to be the leader and protector of the United States citizenry and the Constitution by which it operates just attacked his own people in order to go and have a picture taken holding a Bible in front of a church to make himself look like he is a competent and strong leader.

Oh and the response from others? Well, the Bishop of the Episopal Church of Washington, DC, the leader of the church community that St Johns is part of, said she was horrified by trump’s actions. And it looks like the ACLU has another case against the trump administration — this one for using internationally denounced and illegal chemicals against his own people.

So, How far are we from being a Fascist dictatorship? Time will tell, but it is not looking good by any means.

Of course, you know all those trump supporters who love freedom when it comes to risking their lives to go to a beauty shop, are just going to love trump’s “strong stand” of attacking his own people (but then freedom to get a hair cut is more important that the freedom to stay alive). But don’t believe me, just watch and see for yourselves.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.