Why I think Mayor Lightfoot is being naive

I understand why Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago might want to accept help with the violence in the streets of Chicago. Unfortunately, I also feel that she has fallen into a trap. She seems to believe that she has made a deal with the Federal Agents that they will stay off the streets, not act like they are regular cops on the beat, and won’t be nabbing people like they seem to be doing in Portland.

Watching Portland should have shown her that trump is not to be trusted. His intent is apparently to take over cities, not to “help”. In Portland, there are reports that people have, in essence, been kidnapped by these military-type actors and hauled away. What is to prevent them from doing that in Chicago? Lightfoot says that she will immediately go to court and file a restraining order if they start the same behavior in Chicago. But, in the meantime, how much damage can or will the federal agents do?

Lightfoot, in the video, speaks about gun violence. What those who think that gun regulation is the problem and that Chicago is violent because of the gun regulations the city has tried to adopt are mistaken, in both Lightfoot and my opinion. The problem is that the Federal government WON’T adopt any kind of gun regulation to prevent more lax states that border on Illinois from swamping Chicago with guns that are shipped in. We, as Lightfoot so ably says in the video, need reasonable gun regulation and certainly semi-automatic guns out of the hands of anybody other than the police or military. And sometimes I wonder if the police should have them after watching the killing of young people that goes on at the hands of the police like George Floyd.

I realize that Lightfoot thinks that she can be firm on the front end, but I think she is wrong to trust the trump administration. They show very little interest in “working with” and seem to want to “take over’. I suspect that within a week of them getting there, she is going to be in court getting a restraining order because these Federal Agents are overstepping and acting as local police, but not with accountability, like the ones in Portland are doing, where they are using tear gas against mothers protesting the Federal occupation of the city and the abuse of protestors, and last night even the mayor, who at least has stood against the takeover of his city.

trump is the type that if given an inch will take that plus another yard or even mile. Never, ever would I trust him or his “offer of help”.