Why I agree with Chuckman and Zinn generally on his indictment of the history of the United States

Today, Chuckman wrote an article talking about the fact that the United States did not truly believe in democracy and that we still don’t like it. Well, that is backed up by Horward Zinn’s book, “A People’s History of the United States”. I believe Chuckman has it right on that issue although some of his other assumptions go beyond where I am willing to totally agree.

If you read any of Howard Zinn’s book, which I have, although I admit to not reading but the first few chapters, he agrees with much of Chuckman’s thesis. Sadly, there has always been an authoritarian group that has tried to disenfranchise minorities and the poor among the white population.

Remember, we basically killed the nations native population because the European settlers simply thought they were better. Then when the native population turned out to be too much trouble to force to do our work for us, we imported Blacks to do the work that our people, by definition our richer population, were not willing to do themselves or pay decent salaries to others to do it for them.

Mr Zinn argues, with logic and evidence to support this, that even the western movement was encouraged to get rid of the “troublesome whites and to keep the Indians contained.” As long as those two groups were fighting each other, the eastern rich land owners could have peace.

Then there were the slaves. The slaves were principally in the southern states where slavery was being used to do the world that the plantation owners and even some business people were unwilling to do themselves but also unwilling to hire others at reasonable pay to do for them. And since those same states were less populated, especially when they counted the slaves as not being citizens, those states then demanded and got the right to count each slave as 3/4 of a person.

What that in effect did, was to count what was otherwise deemed as nothing but property, as human for the point of getting representation in deciding elections. In other words, the slave owners wanted their cake and to eat it also. They certainly didn’t want their slaves to be free nor to have any voice, but they wanted to count them to give THEMSELVES an even bigger voice.

The Constitution, however, was written in the spirit of the declaration of independence and essentially rebutted the idea of taxation without representation and the equality oif all, with their “God given” right to the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They got around that by in essence deciding that indigenous Americans and Blacks were not “really human”.

Well, we know better today. We also know that Hispanics and followers of Islam are also human. It is past time for this country to actually be what it claimed in words at its inception and what it has continued to claim for the last 250 plus years. The words were wonderful, the follow though was very much not adhered to because of the social prejudice and bigotry of the day.

We live in a day now, where minorities, whether they be Black, Asian, Islamic or LGBTQ are unwilling to be treated as less than a full citizen. We now, not ask but DEMAND, to be treated as equally worthy of equal treatment under the law. God’s law guarantees us nothing unless the law of the land agrees. God’s law of equality and the rights mentioned above is nullified whenever the nation says “no, not them”.

For those asking as some have at times, why some of us are vering toward “socialism” especially the brand of socialism espouses by Bernie Sanders, which is truly not any more socialism than the Social Security act or the New Deal was socialism. Both of those things got us though very hard times as a people, including the huge depression of 1929.

If it hadn’t been for FDR, we might still not have recovered from that horrible economic crash, or at least would not have soon as we did. Who doesn’t know of things done by the WPA, a work created to put people to work while building infra-structure that benefitted the nation as a whole. Perhaps somebody like Bernie Sanders would do something similar to destroy our current disaster of a few rich people getting even richer off the sweat of the poor and working class’s brow.

It is past time that all people in this country be treated as though they truly matter and that they deserve “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” regardless of the color of their skin, the religion they follow, or who they love.

The republicans have proven, even with the tax give-away to the rich of 2017, that they have no intention of standing up for the poor or working people of America. The fact is while trump yelled about how the economy wasn’t recovering and that Obama wasn’t doing enough, and there were too many people that had dropped out of the work force, we have no idea how many people are STILL dropped out because their benefits have expired under trump.

I certainly don’t trust or believe anything this administration says because trump has lied about too many other things…even things that were said by him on the record. I hope you are aware enough not to also.

RESIST AND VOTE BLUE…especially if it is a progressive person who advocates for everybody rather than just the top of the echelon economically. We certainly have a better chance with Biden than trump, and probably with Bernie more than Biden. I will support either one however.

Some of you may have seen this before. It was posted on the blogster site yesterday by a good friend of mine:

My response was, and continues to be …if this is what socialism is…bring it on. These were all good things…things that have made our lives immeasurably better. If solving the health crisis is done on a governmental level, I say however it is done, it is needed so let’s stop carping about silly issues of hating a particular word, or not wanting things because we have decided it belongs to that word, and DO IT.


66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.