Who is Deval Patrick and what do I think of him?

There have been rumors that other candidates might be coming on the scene for the Democrats. There was a rumor that Hillary might throw her hat into the ring again, although I hope she doesn’t. I wasn’t that thrilled about her in 2016, but certainly had absolutely no intention of voting for trump. I would have voted, and still would, for a flea that hopped on my cat’s before I would vote for that con-man with the huge ego and the constantly arrogant manner.

But thanks to a friend of mine here on blogster, I found out about another candidate that put his name into the mix today. That person is none other than former Mass governor, Deval Patrick. I had, seriously, never heard of him before.

So what chance does this new guy have? After all, there are already many candidates, all of whom in my opinion bring good stuff to the table. Personally, I am more of a Elizabeth Warren democrat. I want corporate America to pay it’s share of the taxes that it takes to run this country. For to long have the fat cats paid too little taxes, and we, the middle class Americans have pulled the lion share of the economy.

He has some issues to overcome. One is that he is just now entering the campaign, less than 90 days before the voting starts in the early states. In addition, as illustrated by my own lack of knowledge of who he is, he has, at this point very little name recognition nationwide.

He is a “corporate democrat” in that he is associated with Bain Financial and has worked for Texaco. Those are two additional black marks against him as far as I am concerned. I am tired, as I said above, of the fat cats getting fatter off my money and work. Fortunately up till now, my social security etc has allowed me to live pretty much as I did before retirement. However, with the federal government raising the taxes on the middle class while almost doing away with the taxes on corporations, I am really worried about the years coming. For the first time in my life, I am beginning to consider how I could shelter some of my income in order to avoid paying into the pro-corporation, anti-average citizen tax structure that trump and the republicans have created.

So for me, one major question is where does Mr Patrick stand on the issues. I looked some of that up as I could find it. First of all, he is a moderate, sort of like Obama. I am not a moderate, I am a liberal or if you perfer a progressive. I have issues around economy and how wealth is distributed, but even more I have issues around equality of ethnic, gender and sexual categories.

That is where I got some good news. First of all, Mr Patrick, now 63 grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s on Chicago’s South Side of southern transplants, so he does know something about poverty. He has always worked with the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund in the 1980s and became Assistant Attorney General for civil rights during the Clinton presidency so he does have a solid background in civil rights issues.

He was elected governor in 2005 and used grass-roots support to win and become the first Black governor of Massachusetts. He went on to be in office for two terms. He served as a surrogate for Obama during one of his terms so he has understanding of the party.

While in office for his second term, he pushed successfully for a 13 billion dollar transportation overhaul that aimed at repairing the infrastructure and reviving train serve. Earlier, in 2007, he had tried a 10 year education proposal that included universal pre kindergarten and free community college. This bill, however, didn’t get passed, but it would seem to indicate that he has concern about those who help a hand up.

Unlike the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Av, he believes in science and wants to limit carbon emissions. In 2008 he signed a bill that made Massachusetts a leader in the production and use of alternative, bio fuels. The law required that all diesel and home heating oil sold in the state contain no less than 5 percent biofuel by 2013. The article doesn’t say if they met that goal or not, but it is to be hoped that they did and that they have maintained that.

Then, there is the civil rights caught that affects me and my community directly, that being the LGBTQ community Mr Patrick stood against a 2007 constitutional amendment that would have made it impossible for same gender couples to celebrate their unions in public. Remember, Massachusetts was the very first state to make same-sex marriage legal. Five other states had “civil unions” which is not the same thing, unless we define all civil “marriage” as “civil unions” which would work for me also. Actually, his daughter is a Lesbian and got married in 2015, so his heart is in the right place for a very clear reason.

I guess when it comes right down to it, the only thing I have questions about is his affiliation with corporate America. But with all the good things, that is a compromise I could accept. I don’t expect anybody to be perfectly in line on every issue, but he is as close as just about any of the others running so if he was the nominee for the Democratic party, I would gladly vote for him.

Time will of course tell what happens. I still worry about him being able to make himself well enough known to get any real following. I am not ready to endorse him yet, obviously, because i still like Elizabeth Warren, who Mr Patrick, by the way, acknowledges as the best organized of those running so far. But then we have had any voting at all yet, so the question is really up in the air.

Anybody the democrats pick will have to be a million times as suitable as trump is!!!!



66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.