Who is DeJoy: corporate shill, trumpbot, or ???

The name DeJoy is in the media big time of late because he is trump’s pick for heading the Post Office. That, in and of itself, should cause people to have questions about exactly who and what this man is. Knowing that trump favors him tells us or should tell us, that he is primarily interested in the financial health of corporations and not the health and safety of the average American citizen. But let’s look a little further.

It seems that DeJoy’s former company, New Breed Logistics, was all about government contracts. So the man is used to taking advantage of government resources for his own enrichment. In addition, there are reports that not only was he a heavy contributor to the trump campaign but pressured his employees, especially the managerial employees, to also donate to trump’s campaign.

The way he applied this pressure seems to have been to give them bonuses if they contributed to trump. I can only conclude that those who didn’t fail to get bonuses. What that tells us is that DeJoy, in a desire to add to his own personal impact, bribed his employees to donate also. Since he was the one making the pick of who the donations went to, that just increased his impact.

Now, this is not a surprise to me because back when I was working, I was occasionally asked to work to lobby people to support a bit to allow the corporation I worked for to increase fees (we were at one time a monopoly) or approve other things that the company wanted. My response was to ignore those requests. I got paid to do the job, not to serve as a lobbyist, plus my concern was not the corporate big wigs and their money, but my personal salary. No way was I going to do anything, in my own time, too help them get richer while giving me and my level as little as possible.

Not everybody took that attitude, I am sure, and those without a union contract were more susceptible to being bullied into “helping” the corporation. So, as I said, this report is no surprise to me but I do think it is part and parcel of the corruption that exists in our political system where corporations are given the same power as individuals. I will say till I can’t say anything anymore, corporations are NOT people, they are artificial constructs created to make money leaving the investors safe from loss. An artificial construct that was created by the government, and now has been allowed to become stronger than the voters or even the government in many cases.

And now, this man, this trump minion, is in charge of the Post Office. His “boss” is a man who hates that the Post Office serves as a safe way to deliver votes for those that need to be careful. A boss that hates that democrats might actually manage to get his corruption out of office this November.

Never fear, however, I need to be careful, intend to wear masks when in crowds, and stay as far away from other people as possible while with a group, planned or otherwise. But I will also be sure and use early voting to vote in person. I feel that strongly that trump has got to go!!!!!!! So, I certainly will make sure my vote counts and do so when there can be no question that it “got there in time”.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.