What “republican freedom” looks like

This write-up is meant to introduce those of you who might not be familiar to a woman/character that I find a HUGE inspiration. She is not calling herself a political pundit but has more to say about the hypocrisy of many politicians than anyone I know. Of course, she is not popular with some because of her pointed, albeit, sarcastic verbiage. Me, I love it.

Nowhere is that hypocrisy more evident than in the current political climate where a certain portion of the population is screaming about their “freedom” or as I like to spell it “freedumb” in relation to Covid and the recycling of variants of the virus caused in part, at least, by the fact that something like 43 percent of the population is not vaccinated. For these people, their “freedom” to not get vaccinated, or wear a mask in public trumps MY right to be safe while going about my business of living on a daily basis. Their “freedumb” to take no precautions trumps the rest of our lives as we fall prey to additional pandemic resurges as they serve as a petri dish for new variants.

Of course, that is not all that the Republican Party under trumpian captivity gets wrong. Those that mix those two worst-case scenarios: Right-Wing Politics with Right-Wing justification for the same given a religious flair, also get many other things wrong as well. They truly seem to think that in the areas of gun control (even a modicum of it) and abortion, their “rights” trump the right of others in the community to have a choice at all.

Abortion should be illegal, they claim, even if a 14-year-old girl is raped by her drunk or insane father because “the right to live supersedes everything”. Well, that is except for the “right” of a person to pack heat into every bar, church, movie theater, and school and have the opportunity to shoot up that child that results from the prohibition on getting an abortion.

The bottom line is that the so-called “fighters for religious freedom” are only interested in THEIR religious freedom. In fact, it goes beyond that into “their right to forbid the right to choose for others. Their beliefs should tell EVERYBODY how they should live. If they really believed, for example, that Jesus word is what counts, they might notice that Jesus never mentioned either abortion or homosexuality, but based on their OPINION of what Jesus might have said if he had addressed either topic they feel they have the right to discriminate against both the LGBTQ population and actually prohibit a woman’s right to make decisions about what she does with her body.

And no, that is not the same as a mandate to require all to get vaccinated. The woman and her fetus only affect the one woman and the potential baby. The vaccine protects EVERYBODY.

Betty in her video linked here says all of this and more in a hilarious manner that I can only attempt. I would suggest that people listen to more of her wonderful commentary on the hypocrisy of the present-day “GOP”.


66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.