What planet does this madman live on?? Or does he think we are all naive

Today, apparently trump went on another of his tweet wars with followup. He believes that now that the Russian investigation is “known to be a lie” that certain people should be jail. It seems that Mueller, Rodenstein, Hilliary Clinton, Obama and others are headed to jail if he has anything to do it because after all, they lied on him.

trump must be insane. Either that or my question above is right on. What planet is he from? Maybe the old superman comic world called Bizarro. If any of you remember that, it was a place where superman was ugly, and one must assume he was weak. Every value that one could think was the opposite on Bizarro.

Why do I say that? Well, based on evidence, of course.

First of all, Cohen has given more information to Mueller today..about some lies in the original testimony. Yes, Mueller has more information suggesting some sort of connection between trump and Russia. Now, in 2016 and 2017, trump claimed that he had nothing to do with Russia, ever though prior to that the family had acknowledged that Russians were buying apartments in his high rises. That is a connection!!! But supposedly, the discussion about opening a business operation in Russia was ended in January of 2016.

Well, that last turns out to be now contradicted by Michael Cohen, himself. He was involved at least until June with talks about that transaction with Russians. So, no, Mr trump, I do not think the rumors and investigations have been proven to be a lie. In fact, I think just the opposite…ie that now we have MORE evidence that there is a connection between the two and that Russia DOES in fact have a way in influencing trumps’ actions with blackmail, or knowledge of some corrupt deals.

Now, I know trump wants us to believe that the whole Russia investigation is totally made up, as he is reported to have said so repeatedly. However, too many people have been associated with trump (Flynn, Sessions using I do not recall if not an actually lie, Manafort, and Cohen) who have been found to be lying about their interaction with Russia for many aware observers to believe him without question.

Often trumps own words contradiction what he wants us to believe. One example is when he fired Comey, and at one point indicated that it was “that Russia thing”. Later, when he got pushback, he jumped to “no it wasn’t conflict of interest”, implying that it wasn’t that Russia thing. (pfgg)

Now we found out that turmp is headed to Argentine for the G-20. He had planned to meet with Putin and also sign the Mexico-Canada-United States trade deal. Now for some reason, he has cancelled the meeting with Putin. Why? Does he think that by doing so, he will throw Mueller and those of us in this country determined to see the Russian connection to trump investigated thoroughly and completely off the scene. I would suggest that it is a little too late for that move.

If he hadn’t wanted us to continue investigating…he might have tired a little more a little earlier. Like maybe not taking Putin’s word against his own intelligent agencies about Russia trying to influence the election. But now, it has moved on to another dictator being touted by trump against our own CIA.

Is trumps love affair with Putin on the backburner? Has he moved on to the prince in Saudi Arabia, or do they both own pieces of him? Maybe we need another investigation of his ties to the Saudi’s.

And yes, I know the Saudi’s have been tolerated (for their oil maybe?) for years, but it is time for that to end. They are, after all, the country that bred the majority of the terrorist that attacked us on 9–11–01. Not Iraq, not Iran…..the Saudi’s. It might just be time to start remembering that fact.

Once again, selling massive armaments to Saudi is only going to destablish the Middle East even more. Haven’t we done enough damage there already?!!! And to do it, as I suspect, to put more money in trumps pocket would be truely unforgivable.

Originally published at www.blogster.com.

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