Unlike Trump, the governors of both California and New York are taking things seriously and doing what is right for their people

With the federal government giving very little usable guidelines, other than trump screaming “all schools must be open” which is not useful nor safe at this point, the states have had to step up and make their own guidelines. Many states are showing a horrible increase in cases at a time when supposedly the heat would reduce the strength and we wouldn’t have to worry. Again that is what trump said so why would we put any faith in that, I don’t know.

In California, Gov Newsom looked at the fact that 329,162 people have contracted the virus and 7040 have died, decided to reclose some parts of the business section as follows in the two tweets below, copied from the article below from the DailyMail.

There are a couple of problems that this is an attempt to solve. First of all, several rural counties are having so many new cases, that their hospital capacity is under stress at the same time that their metropolitan cities are showing an increase in cases as well. The number of cases has risen by 28 percent over the last couple of weeks, with 20 percent more needing intensive care. There were almost 9000 new cases on Sunday alone.

*Note: For both of these charts, an indoor function is what is out ruled. If the business or service is set up to handle outdoor, take out or to go functions, those can be continued

In addition, the school districts of Los Angels and San Diego, with a combined student count of 706,000 and an employee count of 88,000 are only going to open for virtual classes. They have announced that they will follow the numbers and when they deem it safe will open up for in-school classes.

The second article shows the above information in one graph with two sides which may explain a bit better for some. And the list of the 30 counties referenced in the two charts above is giving in the Dailymail article as a sidebar.

So Governor Newsom in California is stepping to help keep his people healthy and doing so in a way that takes account of the rise in cases and the numbers needing hospitalization and intensive care. The schools are opening in what is currently advisable with the option of changing, I would expect in either direction, depending on what the numbers do.

Meanwhile, Gov Cuomo in New York has decided to open schools up for classroom learning for any county that is in stage four. That will not include New York City itself. In addition to being in stage 4, the county has to their daily infection rate to 5 percent over a period of 14 days, and if it goes as high as 9 percent for a seven-day average, they will lose their in-classroom status.

In addition, every student entering the classroom is going to be tested. There may also be some modifications to the way things are done in the classroom and by extension throughout the school.

Neither governor is willing to play Russian roulette with the lives and health of their state’s children, which is appropriate in my opinion. This, despite, trump’s administration pushing everybody to open the schools right up saying that kids aren’t in any damage. That is simply not true nationwide. There HAVE been children die from this pandemic and taking chances with our youngsters is not better than taking chances with our elderly.

I hope they both hang tight and refuse to bow to the pressure coming out of Washington to disregard health concerns and just charge ahead with opening every school regardless of the situation.


66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.