Under our current leadership, refugee international gives us an F for our treatment to the health and soul of our own people

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5 min readJun 14, 2020


Credit for Picture: New York Times article about the RNC convention

The man in the White House, who I continue to refuse to dignify with the P-word, is continuing his verbal and threatened physical attacks on the American people. Some of it is done by encouraging them to endanger their own lives and others. But some is by way of a fundamental disregard for the justified anger of Black community and its allies who are tired of seeing police brutality visited upon young, and not so young, Black Men all over over the nation. Black Lives Matter, a rallying group for the resistance to the evil racism behind this disregard is still keeping in front of the nation, the latest horror in Minnesota.

Often, when he makes these attacks, he acknowledges by his actions that he knows what he is doing but just does not care. The lack of caring is what he telegraphed to us when he decided to move the RNC convention from Charlotte, NC because of his childish refusal to allow for the health precautions for the people in attendance and those they might inflict upon returning home by use of masks and social distancing.

The mayor of Charlotte and the Governor of North Carolina wisely refused to throw all restrains again just to please the Bunker Boy’s ego. Sadly, he has apparently found a city in Florida, with both a governor and mayor that is “in trump’s pocket”, it looks like the City of Jacksonville is going to be thrown open to this flagrant disregard for human life. You couldn’t pay me enough money to go near Jacksonville while that tribute to one man’s mighty ego is going on.

However, at almost the same time that he did that, he allows us to see that it is not ignorance that allows for these totally unsafe and tone-deaf actions to take place. It is simple lack of concern for his fellow human beings. His newest announcement is a campaign rally in Tulsa, Ok on June 19th. In making this announcement, he indicated that he is going to have a clause that by signing up for the rally, a person is promising that, even if they get Covid-19 as a result and, one assumes dies, they nor their family can sue him or the rally for endangering and causing the tragedy. This tells me, and should everybody else, that he is totally aware that lives are still continuing to be lost, and likely will be for the foreseeable future. He just doesn’t care enough to restrict the endangering acts.

But this particular announcement is all kinds to tone-deaf anyway. It is a direct slap in the face of the African-American population at a time when things are already at an alarming level. The rally is June 19th, and as we all know, it will be jammed full of what, paraphrasing trump’s own words about immigrants and refugees, we will call “Racists, White Nationalists and some I believe might be very fine people”.

The Black community of Tulsa doesn’t want a group of White Nationalists invading the city in which they live at any time, I am sure. However, June 19, when this rally is scheduled to take place is the anniversary of the date in 1865, when the largest number of African-Americans were killed when a riot of white people destroyed the Black Wall St. So once again, the tone-deafness shows itself.

But now for the icing on the cake. As though, all of those tone-deaf and downright life-threatening actions and decisions weren’t enough, he is threatening to illegally invade and attack the citizens of another American city. After the fiasco in DC where he had peaceful protestors who had already been told they had to go home in 35 minutes, with tear gas and rubber bullets and getting denounced as roundly he did, he would have learned his lesson. But no, now another city is being threatened.

The city involved is Seattle Washington where the Black community has continued to protest the continued habitual murders of Black men for the slightest of reasons across this country. Let’s face it, America, until there are definite steps taken to stop the unnecessary bloodshed, the protests will continue. In fact, many cities, including New Orleans, are continuing to have them. I am giving serious consideration to pulling on my mask, and standing at the back of the crowd and attending, in person, some of these protests/rallies.

This time, however, he got a very real repudiation from both Governor Jay Inslee and Mayor Jenny Durker. They both laughed at his antics and silly statements, told him to mind his own business and stop trying to divide the country even more, and finally pointed that ordering the military into an American city is illegal, to begin with.

At least Seatle and Washington state is one of those places where they have decent leadership. Fortunately, those places still exist despite trump.

Oh, and just to show a little shad at the “stable genius” in the White House. Hey, dude, you know how you hate for the privilege that YOU used to mail in a vote to be extended to other people? Well, Louisiana, despite being a red state has announced that anyone over 65 is entitled to vote by mail especially now during Covid-19.

So, as it turns out, I won’t have to risk my life by leaving the house and being exposed to crowds of people in order to vote against your sorry butt. Although I do admit, I would find THAT enough reason take some risk that I wouldn’t take for anything else. Gotcha!!!!!!!!

Oh, and almost forgot to tell, this year, for the second year in a roll, the United States got an F for human rights issues regarding immigrants in particular from Refugee International. Aren’t we so awfully proud of winning? Please read that last sentence as totally snark.







http://www.rt.com/usa/491586-seattle-trump-unconstitutional-illegal/ (not one of my usual sites but this information is elsewhere as well)



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