Twitter blows a whistle: who of us thought that a social media outlet that allows anybody to speak might just save the nation

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9 min readJun 3, 2020


I am NOT undecided, never have said I was. I made my mind up about trump and his at least incompetent and uncouth delivery and at worst, his absolute design to destroy the nation as we stand as far as equality under the law and humane treatment for all was concerned. I made that decision when trump stuck to the hilariously false story that Obama was not born in this country, when he was certainly born in this country, unless of course, you want to suggest that Hawaii is not part of the country. That is where every record confirms him to have been born.

I made that decision when he insisted, against all evidence, that a huge number of Muslims congregated across the river from New York City and cheered and had a party to celebrate the destruction of the twin towers. Nobody else has ever, and I do mean ever, come out with any confirming information. in addition, every fact checker has failed to confirm his statement.

I found new evidence about the man when he made his famous “Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers and I guess the rest are ok people” statement. Anybody watching that statement, with their eyes and ears open heard a man call Mexicans bad hombre’s and throwing in the “I guess the rest” reluctantly as a way of not appearing to be as big a racist as he actually was and is, or at least his desire to appeal to those who feel that way, whatever is “in his heart” which his supporters like to point out that we can’t know. We may not know his heart but we should know his actions and words, and they scream “racist” to me.

It is also a true statement that every intelligence agency tasked with investigating such things came to the conclusion that the Russians tried to intervene in the 2016 election. That is a fact that even Lindsay Graham, of flexible loyalties, can’t deny. However, when Dick Durbin pointed out at that same hearing that the republicans had left out a bunch of witnesses pertinent to the case, Lindsay lost his mind and went on a tirade about “going after trump.” Let’s remember who Lindsay Graham is and what his moral qualifications are. He is the guy that hated trump and loved John McCain. John was his dear friend, until that it, it become politically expedient to dump his supposed best friend and team up with trump who hounded McCain not just into the grave but beyond it, causing pain to the entire McCain family. Now note, by saying that I am NOT saying that trump is responsible for McCain’s death, that is the not at all what I am saying. However, I am saying that suddenly, Lindsay Graham flipped and took the side of the man who made McCain’s last few months less pleasant that they deserved to be.

Please note that this last issue is spelled out, about the hearing, in the Rawstory link. That is not a source that I usually use for my blogs because it is less, in my opinion, free of being questionable certainly than a bit more mainstream and established publications although it is certainly what I tend to believe in my heart. However, the pertinent part is a video which I tend to trust. Durbin suggested, make that demands, that other witnesses need to be called. Certainly Michael Cohen, who was responsible for negotiating a trump Tower in Moscow up too and possible extending beyond the election period might need to be heard from. Certainly there is a long list of people who need to be heard from based just on their testimony to the Mueller report.

Where, to continue, is Manafort, Stone, and Flynn, all of who had ties to Russian agents on that list of witnesses? How about Don Jr and his eagerness to meet with Russian agencies, including a known lawyer for the Russian government to hear dirt on Clinton that they then tried to explain as a discussion of adoption? Where are the Russian nationals who have been doing business in this country, more importantly with trump himself in his towers endeavors, on that list? Nowhere, that is where. But of course Graham wants to say it is only supposed to be about one thing, proving that the FBI and the DOJ used an illegal investigation to get the information they have. And these are likely the very same people who supported “enhanced questioning” during the Iraq war…ie torture.

But let’s move to the present, having discussed the past. The point is that I believe, and have always believed that the trump administration was installed through nefarious efforts. At minimum, the Russians tried to sow discord, even Lindsay was forced to acknowledge that in his little tirade. The Mueller Report did NOT exonerate trump. It found that it wasn’t provable with the evidence available to conclude that a sitting president needed to be charged. That is far from saying “innocent”. Not even close, no matter what his supporters try to suggest.

Certainly the Russians managed to sow discord, but it wasn’t without existing discord to begin with. We already had the likes of David Duke, fighting for KKK code of conduct endorsing trump.

(trump later tried to claim that he didn’t know who the likely most famous former Grand Duke, Holocaust denier and all round racist in the Country was) We already had Neo Nazi’s and the so called ‘alt-right” represented by Spencer campaigning for White Supremacy, thinking that the rest of us would fooled by their relabeling of their movement with the more genteel title of “White Nationalists”. I, and many more were not fooled: never were, not now and never will be. You can dress racist and bigotry in as pretty words as you want, it still comes though as what it is when the rubber meets the road.

So here we are in June of 2020. We have a pandemic that has not left the stage yet, and is likely to be back in the fall in full force again. Our leader told us as late as mid March that there was nothing to it, until suddenly the figures of those getting sick and dying got too great, and he suddenly flipped and he said he knew if was a pandemic before anybody. Well, then will nobody but me ask why he lied to the public then until he was forced to admit that it was? As a part of the pandemic, employment went down, the stock market went down. It is only up now because it has been manipulated with the “stimulus” that was given to large corporations at the expense in many cases of the small businesses that were really suffering, especially the minority owned businesses. And finally, it is up because greed is apparently king again, rather than fear, and people are seeing a way to make a killing.

So, we have the pandemic of 1918, and the crash of 1929. That just leaves the racial discord of 1968. Well, it is here before us. It is here because once more a white over-zealous cop murdered a Black Man for no legitimate reason in the most horrible way that I can imagine, by literally standing on his neck for something like nine minutes while he choked to death. We have it because instead of looking at the video and immediately picking up that cop on suspicion of murder one, the state postponed till it “got enough evidence”. (remember, court is where the final outcome is decided) Blacks across the nation are upset, totally justified by the way, because once more a murder of a Black man has occurred at the hand of the police and the response was very slow. At least the policeman was fired pretty much immediately, that may have been the one thing that helped save the day.

But now, all across the country, there are protests. Some, like the ones here in New Orleans, have been peaceful and the point was made, and government officials came out and actually supported the legitimate protest. In other areas, that has not been the case. Nowhere has it likely been worst than in DC where we saw a man who is supposed to be leader of the free world, use pepper spray or tear gas, and certainly rubber bullets to force the protestors off the street so he could go do a photo op that fed nothing but his own ego. In doing so, he sent many peaceful protestors rushing onto church property to get away from the cops, also likely invading the church patio as well. He did it, let’s face facts, because his response to that point had been so pathetic and lackluster that he was shamed and wanted to make himself look like the big man that he is not and has no way of being.

And people are rushing to say that those protestors are rioting and causing trouble. Yet, are they really?? Look who has the most to gain by discrediting the nation. I could just go to Russia, who is on record as engaging in that sort of discrediting behavior. Please remember that even

Lindsay Graham had to acknowledge that. But we don’t even have to go far as there are plenty of groups in this country that want to reck havoc on the Federal government. We know about “the proud boys” and every “militia” group running around out in the country is, in essence, an anti-government group. So we have plenty of suspects who could very easily be infiltrating and trying to sow hatred and stoke racism in the effort to bring about their agenda.

Finally, we come to that group that I will insist on calling the hero of the moment. That group is none other than the social media platform, Twitter. They are the ones that finally allowed fact checkers to point out that trump’s claims of fraud being caused by mail-in ballots is questionable at least, and very likely fraudulent in and of itself. If it is truly so fraud prone, then why would he, of all people vote by mail? That also appears to be true for his current spokeswoman, who is “entitled” to do so. That suggest to me that they believe that rich republicans should be allowed to vote by mail, but not poor democrats, especially those who are mine age that might be afraid of Covid-19 because of pre-existing health conditions. How is that anything but rigging the election?

And now, in the latest Twitter action, they have called out groups having opened up channels to encourage violence and an effort to discredit the protestors. Like I said, who knew that Twitter might just be our salvation as a nation? But then if, as I believe, this administration is corrupt and aligned with truly “bad hombres” in the racist sense, only more private sources can be trusted to tell the truth.



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