trump’s attempt to shore up the pollution and monopoly laden oil industry may just HOPEFULLY fail

Anybody that knows me well, or has ever read my articles, knows that my disdain for the oil industry is quite thorough. As far as I am concerned, the oil industry is the most destructive business on the planet, outside of those companies set up to make profit off of war (the industrial war complex). The oil industry has gouged the American, as well as the international market for years. And what are they selling but the source of the worst levels of pollution. Thanks to the oil industry, oceans have had huge spills. All we have to remember is the Valdez and the huge oil spill which kills birds and other animal life as well as polluted the waters for miles around.

In the meantime, we have optional fuels in the form of wind and air, as well as solar energy. All three of these are better than oil in terms of the ecology. There are people that say that “it is not time yet” or “we don’t have the where with all yet” or “it is still too expensive”. Those people are wrong in my opinion.

The fact is that we, as a nation, continually prop up the oil industry. They have huge numbers of lobbyists and spend lots of money making sure they buy enough politicians to stand against our coming up with a viable and likely much cheaper source of energy. Of course, this is exactly the kind of thing that rulings like Citizens United created and continue to create. Because the oil industry has the money and the power to hire those lobbyists, they basically, buy and own the government.

Well, the current pandemic might just have a good outcome, in that it is entirely possible that the oil industry might just be headed for a break down. Of course, trump has spend time, when he should be trying to help the American people, trying to shore up the oil industry.

That’s why he made the announcement earlier this week that Russia and Saudi Arabia was reaching an agreement to cut the amount of oil they were pumping and putting onto the world market. He claimed that his friend, the Saudi prince (the same guy who in all likelihood was behind the killing of one of our journalists recently) had said that Russia and he were on the verge of cutting oil production by 10–15 million gallons a day. Russia, however, claimed that the phone call never took place.

Normally, I would say that either Putin or the Prince were lying. However, in this case, I suspect the liar is trump. He has told 16000 plus lies as observed by most reporters. In addition, who has the incentive to lie about this particular issue? trump, of course. As usual, his focus is on finances instead of human life. The really questionable thing about this is that, in addition to Russia saying it didn’t happen, even 10 million gallons a day would be the entire capacity of Saudi Arabia. So why would they ever agree to stop producing all together?!!

That was on Thursday, and now just three days later, the oil futures have dropped from the plus digits to 7.00 into the red. Gas is still up but it is most likely going to follow oil down. The reason for the change is that Opec was going to meet and decide on lowering oil production but decided to delay the meeting. No agreement, then, would appear to be coming at this point. It is expected that oil prices might just dip to 10.00 (dollars) per barrel.

I am taking advantage of this drop in cost and buying gas as low as I can get it. I have no concern about boostering the oil industry. If anything, I would love to see them lose their share of the market. With gas prices dropping, this might be the perfect time for our society to see the light and move away from our obsession with the pollution causing fossil fuel industry into more sustainable methods. There are plenty out there, wind and sun are everywhere, and water is in a lot of areas. Nobody has been able to tell me, convincingly, that those three couldn’t easily replace the price gouging oil industry.

Hopefully, this pandemic will end without too many deaths, but if in addition to as few deaths as possible, an outcome of it is that we seriously look at and consider our power usage and the heavy price we are exacting from the planet in its use, maybe something good can come out of it.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.