Trumpians (the party formerly known as Republican) hate it when every qualified voter actually votes

Because when everybody that is entitled to vote actually does so, the power-mad dishonest and (yes, I am going there) RACIST party of the great orange monster has very little chance of winning, they are now full-on with voter suppression. We all know that they do not want nor care to represent minorities, whether ethnic or sexual/gender-related.

After all, Qanon, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and the other White Nationalist organizations are the people that fell for trump’s lie about the election. Biden won fair and square, and every state has confirmed that fact. The only ones still hanging on to the lie is those who believe the propaganda put by radical right-wing conspiracy muckrakers like Linden, Powell, and their ilk. So, goes the Trumpian logic, the best solution is to try and do everything possible to keep those who see through the lies from voting.

After the voter suppression law passed by the Trumpian party in Georgia resulted in the loss of at minimum 130 million dollars as Will Smith pulled a large movie project out of the states, with who knows how many other such actions to follow, you would think that simple economics would make other states cautious on trying such draconian moves. However, now Texas is trying it as well.

Let’s just, for a minute, look at what really happened in 2020. Because of Covid-19, some areas wisely moved to make voting more available for those who cared enough about their health and continue life and avoid large crowds. As a result, the number of those voting was higher than it might have been otherwise, even though after four years of the disaster of trump, many of us were extra motivated to get our votes recorded and counted. I know I was.

In Harris County (Houston) in Texas that included some moves by the vote management to make sure that as many as possible had access to vote. They set up a 24-hour voting opportunity the day before the actual election day and had drive-through facilities. Both of these methods required the same identification that was required at any other precinct. The point was that people who work nights, or late into the day so that they can’t get there during business hours could still vote. The drive-through was a favored method for those concerned about the deadly Covid pandemic.

Now, the Trumpians are highlighting those two methods as things to do away with. In other words, things that make it easier for people that leave in a large city to vote, large cities being where most minority and hospitality workers are, are what is being threatened. Meanwhile, rural voter, where it is predominately white and more open to voting whenever is not being touched as much.

So, try to tell me this isn’t an attempt to restrict the vote. I am white and older, but I do not, for one moment, believe that there is a war against White People as some, even on this site would say exists. What exists is an attempt to give EVERYBODY equal access to voting. Sorry, but rural voters and wealthy whites who don’t need to work about working and not being allowed to vote because of scheduling are not the ones that need to be concerned. It is minorities, interestingly enough, the very ones that have no expectation of anything good coming to them from the Trumpian party that need to be concerned.

I join them in that concern and believe that voter suppression is the goal of the Trumpians and am beginning to think that the Federal Government needs to come up with a voters rights law that is nationwide that can put a stop to this soulless attempt to disenfranchise so many citizens of our great country. A country that is great, BECAUSE of the diversity of its population.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.