trump trying to kill people and start a civil war?!!

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4 min readApr 18, 2020


First of all, protest is often a good thing. I am often on the front line of protests. I know chants and have spend most Wednesdays over the last year protesting at the office of one of Louisiana’s senators. However, since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we are off the streets. Any protesting we are doing is by phone call or mail. You see, we understand that life will be lost if we continue to gather in public and our lives are more important than “the fight” for justice for the time being. At least more important than taking it to the streets where we are inundated with this virus that has killed 33,000 people already.

But as usual, trump is focused on his own interests rather than the nations and doing so with the same flip flopping that he always exhibits. First, he made like a dictator and declared that he was in charge of when the states were to open. Then he flopped on that, wisely I might add, and said that the states were responsible for themselves. He even suggested that he had done all he was going to and that it was totally up to the governors now.

Finally, Friday, he couldn’t resist a message for his most rabid base and sent out tweets suggesting “liberation” in Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia. You see some people are apparently more concerned about the “economy” than they are their lives. I will say what I say about the Tony Spells of this world. That is fine and dandy, go ahead risk your life if you want to, but don’t put mine in danger because I certainly don’t put the wealth of the rich above my own life. I refuse to endanger myself for trump’s image, I don’t like the man to begin with.

While it is funny to watch the mixed messages of the protestor saying that Covid-19 is not real while wearing a hazmat suit, most of the people are being irresponsible and not wearing any protective gear at all. That, people, is endangering their own health and life but anybody else they happen to come in contact with.

Now, in addition to that, trump is going after Virginia because the governor and State Congress was elected with the promise of putting some checks on the free for all that was gun sales and use in the state. He attacks Northrup as though the man is some sort of crook when he only did what he ran on and what the people voted for him knowing he would do. You see, Virginia has had mass shootings of schools children, and rightly see restrictions on the wholesale availability any Tom Dick and Harriet as the best way to say lives.

So what is trump trying to do? That is besides declare himself dictator if enough people fall for his con and back him? Well, whatever his intent, which I suspect is no more than just hanging on to his power and keep his followers blind to the evil he has done, he is going to end up causing deaths. Most likely those deaths are going to be because the anti-shutdown people march in streets a thousand strong and spread the virus. There is the likelihood of course that some of the more extreme will resort to what some even here on this site have suggested in times pass and start a civil war…a shooting war.

Oh, and the NPR article is about Utah. While Utah doesn’t have a stay at home order, it seems that inspectors are wisely worried about the virus. That has lead to delays in inspectors taking place.

trump — -you are going to end up causing deaths across the nation with your craziness…CUT IT OUT!!!!! Now what should you actually do?

First of all, the two trillion dollar bail out should have been done differently. The individual bail out is fine, although not enough for the long haul. However, the Small Business bail out was no where near big enough. And the corporate bail out, of say the tour companies is overwrought. Many of the cruise lines are not even American so what part of “America First” is bailing out huge corporations that are International in scope or the gas and oil industry that will, as soon as possible, returning to the price gouging they were doing before the pandemic? My answer, none at all, certainly not to help the actual people of the nation.



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