trump, my momma taught me that people who demand “respect” usually don’t deserve it

I have seen a recent article where trump was bemoaning the fact that he “gets no respect”.This whine is not anything new, he has issued it many times before. However, this time it was over his attempts to start a trade war with both China and Mexico pretty much at the same time.

He claims that he doesn’t get given credit for bringing the Mexican government into agreement with his demands to stop immigration to escape tariffs. Yet, records are out that Mexico had already, as of a few months ago, started the process. So, it is reasonable to suspect that this was another little bit of political theater to make himself look like the “big tough guy” he wants people to think he is.

Well, trump already “respects” himself for all of us. His ego is the size of the planet and he really thinks he is the king of the mountain. Sorry, that earns no respect from me. In fact, the more times he demands respect, the less likely he will get any at all from me. I am sure there are many people that feel the same way. In fact, unless you like braggarts, you are likely disgusted by his pleas to be treated as though he is some sort of deity.

Now let’s talk about his attempt to circumvent the Constitution and the power of the house, who constitutionally holds the purse strings. The house told him “no” on his demand for around 6 billion for a wall which he “needs” in order to meet a promise he made to the xenophobic right wingers who seem to take exception to everybody with brown or black skin especially. I say especially because many of them also hate the LGBTQ community as well.

So in order to get the approval of racist hate mongers like Rush, Alex Jones and Anne Coulter, he is trying to violate the constitution. A judge in the DC court has ruled in his favor. Guess who appointed that judge?!! If you guessed “trump” you got it right. So, just like Barr, we have a case of a minion of the crook in the White House ruling for the crook. How amazingly coincidental.

ell, the House is not giving up. They are going to the appeal court and we will see what they rule. Eventually somebody will hopefully stop this man’s mad power grab.

trump, you wonder why you get so little respect? Maybe it is because you ridicule and the media, the intelligence community, the generals and everybody else that disagrees with your outlandish statements.

Maybe you would get some respect if you showed even the tiniest bit of kindness or loyalty to others that you demand for yourself. But then I doubt you can or will change.

Just in case you happen to stumble on this, here is some of the many reasons why I don’t respect you

1. your hate speech against Mexicans

2. your attacks on ALL muslims instead of just the radical ones

3. your support for the “good folks” in the KKK and neo-nazi groups, regardless of what they call themselves (yes, I include White Nationalists and the Alt-Right in that list)

4. your attacks on the Trans community, many of whom have served for years in the military till you decided on a whim (or to satisfy your bigoted followers) that they should have that right.

5. Your imprisoning of children at the border

6. your separation of parents and kids at the border

7. your attacks on the DREAMERS…esp after promising that they were not in your target for abuse

8. your refusal to separately deal with people who actually were caught sneaking into the country and refugees who legally applied for asylum. Treating them the same way.

9. your campaign when you proposed violence at your rallies by suggesting that if someone sued for violence against the followers when they physically forced protesters out, you would pay their legal fees. (encouraging violence)

10. Making fun of a handicapped reporter by using his movements in an effort to entertain your followers

11. Your appointment of the very worst available for just about every position. ex Pruitt, who hated the EPA to head the EPA. Ben Carson who seems to have absolutely no concern for people in housing projects, even though he was raised in one, in charge of HUD.

12. The many lies you and your voice pieces have been caught uttering….on tape. And then when caught deny saying those things…which makes not one but two lies.

So trump, that tells you why you will get no real respect from me now or in the future. Keep crying for credit and respect and you will continue to prove to me that you deserve little or none. The more respect you DEMAND, the less I am likely to give you.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.