trump has been a disaster for huge numbers of people. When he was running, on the anti-Islam anti-hispanic platform, I made the comparison that his stated agenda was a rewrite of Hitler’s platform

As things developed under Hitler, we saw Jews, Gays, Trade-unionists, Poles and any number of other identities being “come after”.

The same, under trump, we have seen 1. Islamics 2. Hispanics, 3. the press, 4, the intelligence community, transgender folks, and now Gay men that have HIV but not aids.

The question remains in my mind, who is the next group he is going to “come after”?

Before the election, I went to a prodominately LGBTQ church, MCC. Imagine my surprise when I found out that one of the most active persons in the church was actually a trump supporter. Now bear in mind that i didn’t quite going there because of that, however, knowing that didn’t help me NOT to leave.

I never understood, and still don’t why any member of any minority would vote for this bigot yet some in just about every margalized group did.

I have a hard time not calling that just plain STUPIDITY, and losing all respect for the persons themselves.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.