trump criminally neglectful? Is there a way to hold him responsible legally?

I keep wondering when the American people are going to finally realize that they are tired of “winning” as defined by trump. As even a moderate republican has reported, trump is almost totally concerned about the economy and not about lives or the poor and discounted who are more likely to suffer more from things like Covid-19.

As a matter of fact, trump ignored warnings, not just from Jan and February of this year but going back to 2017 that a pandemic was likely to happen and that the United States was singularly unready to deal with such an event. As early as January of that year, the Obama Administration hand delivered information to trump’s team that the danger was there. And what did trump do?

Well, either because the person that was to be responsible was not around very long (another example of trump’s inability to keep staff over the long term) or either they or trump didn’t take it seriously enough, not only did it cause improvement in efforts but just the opposite. Special committees that were created simply to deal with such situations were allowed to go out of existence. Below find both a video and a report listing details on this issue.

Then, in this year, when we know that Covid-19 is here, what did trump do? First he claimed that it was only one person from China and that the situation was resolved. After that proved to be wrong, he insisted that when it started getting warmer, the pandemic would disappear as if by magic. He even said at one point, when there were 15 victims, that in a few days it would be zero. Then let’s not forget, his recommendation for medicines that he is “sure” will cure it, even when those medicines are not tested and could be counter-indicated in some cases.

The fact is that trump is NOT a medicine doctor and should not ever be taken seriously when he suggests a “cure”. There are always, in just about every situation, armchair doctors who suggest all sorts of things that they are certain are cures. Often, as with trump and Alex Jones, it is frequently found that the cure just happens to be something they have an investment in. Curious how that works.

But I will go a step further. trump is trying to help his friends or those businesses that he has an interest in preserving, but not in others. He publicly bragged about telling Pence not to call on two states because their governors were not “appreciative enough” of his leadership.

In addition, he has used corporations in a non-bid manner for masks and equipment. Non-bid tells you that he had some sort of interest in that particular corporation. In line with his assertion that rather than allowing the Independent Oversight set up by Congress to administer the stimulus to large businesses, he intends to take over himself. That would be wonderful if we could actually trust this man to 1. play fair and 2. keep his word.

Obviously the above are two things we can’t trust him to do. He used every dirty trick he could find in his real estate deals, and just about anybody including legal experts from New York City will assure you of that reality. In addition, we have his own words recorded for now and forever showing him contradicting himself, often from one hour to the next.

The final insult is that, in a time when travel is limited because of a pandemic, trump is playing chicken with the very necessary Post Office. They are running low on money. Maybe it is loss of good business practices but now is not the time to play games. People in rural areas especially will be going though difficulty if the post office goes belly-up. How will rural VA persons get their meds mailed? Is the goal forcing the mail delivery to be done by private business? What will that look like? The concern is that if such a strategic function is sent to the “private sector”, the prices will be higher to the point of being a burden. Remember that private sector means profit motive reigns supreme.

But what can we do to put an end to this over-reach and disregard for the consequences? The Mueller report indicated that there were charges that could be brought except for the fact that there is this silly intrepretation that a person sitting in the oval office can not be indicted while in office. That totally runs against the “nobody is above the law” mandate that the Nixon situation should have already proven to us all back in the 1970s. Criminal people in the oval office should be held accountable for their crimes just like anybody else.

The same holds true for the impeachment hearings. Once again, because the republican party has a majority, they agreed to allow him to slide by even though there was plenty of evidence that he had, in fact, tried to blackmail the Ukraine to investigate Biden to get him removed as competent for trump.

When living in extra-ordinary times, extra-ordinary measures often need to be taken. A Democratic state representative in Ohio has taken an action that maybe others should considering joining her in. She wants to make charges against trump for Crimes against Humanity to the Hague. Sadly, the United States is apparently not adherent to the World Court. However, we could go to the UN Security Counsil and get them to enter the charges on our behalf.

The United States has often engaged with the UN to censure nations that abuse or neglect the rights of their own people. If true, as it seems to be, that the United States no longer has the nerve that it had as late as the Nixon years, to stand up to known corruption, then maybe it is time for us to appeal to the United Nations and see if the world leaders can’t put in end to some of this horror.

Time will tell, of course. It is my hope that trump will become a part of the past seen only in a rearview mirror come November 4th, 2020. I would be very happy if he just disappeared from public influence. I would remember him “fondly” as a horror that has finally, after four long years, ended. I would be fine if he never received any punishment for his crimes if only he was off the stage and we had a decent person in the White House.

If the election is rigged (much as I still think the 2016 one was by Russian influence), by trump or agents in support of him, I want any legal recourse necessary to get him removed to be done. That the alternative that this country will become a dictatorship or near enough to one, is an idea that seems more realistic with each creepy and nasty thing he says and does and then gets away with.

Beware, it has been said that we will hold on to our system of government as long as we have the nerve to preserve it. Don’t let’s lose our nerve now!!!

The last video is a humorous take on this whole thing by Stephen Colbert. While I know he is a comedian, I really think the facts of the case are as he describes them, but he does add the escape of laughter from the horror, with is nice for a change.



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