trump and his cohorts can brag and threaten all they want, the investigation and oversight ain’t going away

I tried for a few days to ignore the bad and focus on the good things that are on the horizon. Things like the fact that several women and one gay guy are running for the office of President. Finally, a campaign that looks more like America. I was going to try not to blog about the man baby in the White House and be more positive. But to heck with it…sometimes you just have to say what is true.

The Mueller investigation has come to an end. That much is true, but trump and Sanders and all the other people supporting this man in the White House are wrong when they say trump is in the clear. First of all AG Barr doesn’t even say trump is in the clear. What at least the Atlantic says is that the report doesn’t conclude guilt. Not concluding guilt is not the same as concluding lack of guilt. That’s kind of like a hung jury that doesn’t find for or against, but can’t decide.

What the Attorney General released was a sentence or three saying that Mueller found no reason to charge trump with conspiracy to collude with Russia. However, on the issue of Obstruction of Justice, he didn’t render that part of the response as an exoneration but as a “report not really definite” type statement.

The Attorney General was picked by the miscreant in the White House. We know how much trump demands personal loyalty. Heaven knows he didn’t shut up about Sessions rightly rescuing himself after having been neck deep in trump efforts to get into the White House.

We also know that Russia tried to impact the election, and Flynn and others, including Don Jr met with Russian agents to try and get help against Hillary.

Those two points make it clear to me that if Barr admits that trump wasn’t exonerated by the report, then he wasn’t. In fact, there just may be some things in that report that very likely would show at least a possibility of guilt on part of the orange menace. I won’t truly trust the “Mueller Report” unless it is make public, and the attitude seems to now be what trumps attitude was about releasing his tax returns. He thinks that since he was able to lie and scapegoat and still get elected, nobody cared about the tax returns. Well, people DID care about the tax returns and people DO care about the full report.

Besides the legal aspect of his getting into the White House…some of us still think there was nefarious actions by someone, probably either the Russian government or the Russian Mob. There is the fact that trump and the republicans have done absolutely nothing to make the life of the poor and middle class one iota better.

For that last charge, I only have to point out that as a middle class retiree, my taxes went up rather than down this year. In addition to that, gas prices have gone up for most of both 2018 and 2019. Like I said, financially I am far more nervous now than when Obama was in office.

What we do know is that trumps administration has given huge discounts to the richest people in the country. That is to say people like the Waltons and the Kock brothers, and people are simply rolling it in to begin with.

Then lets talk about human rights. Thousands of kids held in what are basicaly concentration camps on the southern border. 800,000 (or maybe 700,000) DREAMERS help ransom when trump himself promised that “we are not going after you.” Finally young transgendered persons that have been doing their civic duty nd serving this country, being told that their contribution is unwelcome.

That is what this administration represents. Fortunately, we still have a majority Democratic house, and people in that body willing to fight the disease of trumpism that is ravaging and destroying everything that this country has even claimed to be an ideal.

Oh and lets not forget that 16 states are suing the administration over trumps determination to waste money that congress specifically told him “no” on for that tribute to his out of control ego called a “wall with Mexico.”

The resistance is not going away….i will do anything I can to effect and help moving our country to a more and humane circumstance.

So, remember Mr Barkan from the previous post, Auntie Maxine and Nancy Pelosi, along with AOC and the many others that are fighting the good fight in the House, and some like Schumer in the Senate.

Keep up the resistance and hope and pray if you are so inclined that sanity might return to this great nation. Right now, I have to admit being a little bit ashamed of how far she has fallen. But then Nationalism and Populism always seems to hurt more people than it helps. trump is just an extreme example….although admittedly things could still get worse…which is why we have to fight it now.

By the way, trump also has to deal with the fact that his mobster type business model is coming home to roost on him as well.

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66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.