The windbag in the White House will use anything possible to weasel people into supporting him

I can only think of one picture that tells the readers what I feel about the noxious windbag currently inhabiting the White House. Watching his lies and fear mongering and catering the worst element of our culture, the so called “White Nationalist” has just about convinced me that my mother’s go to for people that she felt no regard for is the appropriate response. That is especially true when I watch him attack women and hear his arrogance and racially and sexually crude language. The word she used was simply “trash”.

I think it is past time that the House impeaches this stain on our national reputation. He has hurt our standing in the world by attacking our friends, and buddying up to our adversaries. Just recently, he turned on the Kurds, who were our major help in fighting ISIS, while all the time being buddy buddy with Russia and Putin.

Some people try to play off his love affair with Putin as being ok because Russia is not communistic anymore. Whatever economic system they have, Russia IS a dictatorship just as bad as any third world dictatorship. Not only that, but most of the Russian “businessmen” that are in fact, doing business with trump are like trump, con men who have ties to organized crime even when they are not themselves part of the “mod”.

But let’s move to the ways trump tries to defend himself and trick us into supporting him. Just within the last month or two, he has made claims about the House members who are trying to do their job and question the chicanery that trump has been up to before and after his election.

Remember, his first statement was that the Mueller report failed at finding anything. That is not true by any non trump source I have checked. He is noted to have, on about 12 occasions, attempted to stop the investigation. That is evidence of his trying to use his office to control what the other branches of government do…the very definition of violating the rules of the constitution. And now he has added the quo pro quo deal with the Ukraine.

But then, he goes beyond such “minor” things as trying to violate the constitution by using language that serves as a dog whistle to his supporters. First, he claimed that the House’s attempt the oversight part of their jobs was a ‘coup”. A coup is not a constitution attempt to investigate the actions of the man in the White House. It is a group of military marching in and taking over the government. I don’t see any soldiers marching down Pennsylvania, do you?!!

Then when he despaired about getting enough sympathy, he added “lynching” to his verbiage. Once again, a legal investigation is not hanging someone up by a rope flung over a tree branch. Therefore, the investigation under way is NOT a lynching.

Oh, and an impeachment is not neither a coup nor a lynching. An impeachment is an indictment based on evidence that a person, in this case trump, has done something that is worthy of a court case. Nobody is going to hang him in a tree as a part of the impeachment, and it is a legal procedure so it is not an unlawful group of soldiers suddenly with no warning dragging him out of the White House.

Personally, I want the House to impeach/indict him and send him to trail by the Senate. The Senate, if they do due diligent SHOULD find him guilty and have his butt taken out of office. The man is either insane and a racist or an opportunist willing to pander to those that are.

And no, he has NOTHING for me, as a gay male who is retired and is worried because the so called “tax reform” is causing me to already pay more income taxes in the first year that the alleged “cut’ took place. But what he has done to the Muslim and the hispanic community and to the transgendered community is even worse than what he has done to me. There are lives being lost as the bigots are given cover for their hatred in the words of trump himself from the White House.

So far, he has done relatively little to me other than co-signing the republican bill to increase the income disparity in this country, while also trying to cut the safety net that might have made things a little better. But unlike Nazi Germany, i refuse to wait till “they come for me’ before standing up for those he has already led the charge against.


66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.