the trump administration seems to be having problems…which I hope grow

This criminal administration is apparently feeling the heat and trump is reacting accordingly. It is wonderful that we may have finally started to see the unraveling of the whole corrupt enterprise. There are several signs that this might be true, but first lets look at the history for the week or so.

First of all, the House went for the Democrats. That means that trump no longer has that house in republican hands with him likely to kowtow to his and his whims. In addition, Mueller is likely going to be protected, or if he goes away, the House will probably step in to make sure Mueller’s long hard work doesn’t go wasted.

He no longer knows for sure at this point how big a majority he has in the Senate. The slot that he seemed to assume would be his was lost to a democrat in Arizona. Scott looks like he might be the winner in Florida, but that is still being contested and the votes are being recounted. Lets hoping Scott loses!!!!

All this means that he no longer has both houses of Congress to cover his backside and Mueller just may be closing in.

Then we have his attempt to suppress the free and independent news media by pulling Jim Acosta’s pass. The courts have already ruled, rightly, that the trump adminitration acted in a high handed way in doing that. What trump fails to grasp is that it is the job of any reporter worth his salt to push and get answers to the questions that will help the American people know what is going on. But, of course trumps hates the hard questions, because he wants to fly by the seat of his pants and have everybody kiss up to him and feed his ego.

Now lets get to the meat of the post. It seems that there is a anxiety spreading in the White House over the Mueller investigation despite trump’s protests to the contrary. Of course trump is going to say he is not worried, but some people in the White House are away that he has been especially angry and upsettable. The fact of the matter is that Mueller may very well be about ready to ramp up his record. The tension is seen both in the re-emergence of the tweets from trump about the Mueller investigation, and those within the White House reporting body language issues that display anxiety.

trump, of course is not setting down with Muelller and has said that he has answered the questions in written form. He hasn’t, however said when or even if he will submit them. His lawyers didn’t want him to sit down with Mueller and have indicated that it could be a prejury trap. My momma always told me that once you lie, you have to keep up with those lies or you will get caught. So what is trump afraid? Is it that he can’t remember which story he gave, or what? If he has been honest, surely he can and would remember THAT. Don’t ya think?

Meanwhile there is evidence that Mueller has been talking again to Michael Cohen, Manefort and is still working with Gates. Jerome Corosi has indicated that he expects to be subpeaned and likely charged for lying. And Donald Jr has confided to some friends, apparently one of whom wasn’t as good a confident as he thought, who then shared publically that Junior expected to be charged.

In addition, it would appear that Matthew Whitaker has gotten enough grief in the press for his partisan attacks on the Mueller investigation in the past that even he has decided not to follow though and stop the investigation. My goodness, but trump must be fit to be tied on that one, since that is why he fired Sessions and picked Whitaker as interim AG.

Then we have the Acosta issue where the trump administraton has been instructed by the court that what they did in removing his pass was wrong, that they didn’t have procedure for doing it, and it was arbitary. Of course he has decide to write a bunch of rules about how reporters have to behave.

What he hasn’t done, nor suggested, is rules on how HE behaves. If he try to watch what he says, and actually sticks to something close to the true, Jim Acosta or other reporters might not find it necessary to ask additional questions to try to get at the truth. If he wants civility from the press corp, he might try exhibiting some civility.

But of course trump shows a shocking inability to learn or grow as a human being and will continue to lie and evade, and say things that are questionable or just downright insane, and expect the press to just let it slide. Of course, that system would mean that the American people would be served by REAL independent media. And one of the cornerstones of our government would be destroyed.

But then that is likely the plan to start with.

In the meantime I will watch for new reports from Mueller, and hope that he is able to find all the corruption that I am know is going on with this criminal gang in the White House. Only if this man is brought down, do we have a chance of surviving as a decent nation. I am in hope right now….and pray that he doesn’t weasel out and escape the noose that Mueller has diligently build for him.

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