the sedition that led to families being hit with internal war

Well, the civil war has been known for 150 years as the “war between the states”, and is also known to have led to brother fighting brother. In other words, it did damage to families across the country because elements of the same family saw things differently. During the civil war, despite the fact that there were other issues involved, slavery was a major component. Logically that means that some families were split over the moral rightness of holding a whole demographic as slaves and less than.

In 1865, the south declared itself the enemy of the union and tried to form a new country where slavery would be a continuing part of the social contract. They, of course, lost and we have much of our social progress, and equality, to the extent that it exists, in the wider United States. However, now in the 2020s, we have another seditious group that has caused another division that comes down to individual families.

Guy Wesley Reffilt was one of those committing sedition on Jan 6th, 2020. He not only attacked the capital and tried to stop the legitimate governmental process, but bragged about his “takedown” and opposition to the police that were trying to protect the members of Congress so that they could do their job. The problem is that he went home bragging about his active insurrection.

Thusly, now, his family is divided, even more than it might have been before. He told his son and daughter, who objected to his insurrection attempt, that what he did was illegal and wrong that they would receive his rage if they dared to testify against him.

However, this week, his son, Jackson, is doing precisely that. Jackson felt strongly enough that what his father had done was wrong that he was one of those that testified that the man was involved.

Fortunately, I don’t have any relatives that I know were involved in insurrection on Jan 6, a day that will live on in infamy. I have one cousin that I thought I wanted to be friends on Facebook with but found he was a trump supporter so am glad he ignored my invitation, which I withdrew immediately after realizing his alliance. So fortunately I won’t have to testify against any relatives, which I would do in a heartbeat over this issue. But as it is the Facebook issue is no major loss because although we are cousins, my mother and his mother were never friendly (and yes they were sisters). But it is good to have learned the truth before we were on each other's timeline and ended up having a “falling out”.

Who knows how many other families might have fallen out over this new case of insurrection and rebellion against the rule of law?!! Politics often, sadly, divides families along with communities but thank goodness some stay the course and while working to make the nation better, stay loyal.

****update as of 03–08: It turns out that this man is the first to get a realistic prison sentence with 20 years as the possible time he will be in prison. That gives me some hope that the insurrectionists will not win ultimately and/or get away with their sedition.



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