The round-up of the trump years and why I feel sorrow for trump the same way I do for any unqualified leader that ends in disgrace

(dejected picture of trump from CNN)

This is a time of reflection for me and the nation as a whole. The number of blogs I wrote on this site is likely to decrease now. When the purpose for which an enterprise is begun starts winding down, it is often a time to reflect on where we were and where we are not, and perhaps even a time of wondering what the future holds. As most of my long time readers know, this page came about in reaction to the election of trump to the highest office in the land. Just slightly over five days from now, with the swearing-in of Biden as 46, that purpose is no longer a necessary part of the equivalent.

It goes without saying that when trump was announced as the winner of the 2016 election, I reacted, as did many Americans, especially those that believed in the nation as a “city on a hill” with equality for all as a motivating goal. trump came in insulting all persons fleeing Mexico and South America to improve their lives by calling them, rapists and thieves. Were there criminals spread in among the 99 percent who were simply trying to build a better? In all likelihood, but he tended in every speech to make it sound like only a few were good, and the rest was trash.

Then there were the lies he was known to have spread about Obama not being born in American and people of the Islamic faith celebrating in a huge party in New Jersey when the twin towers came down. He claimed to see that from his building in New York. First of all, if that ever happened, it would have been hard for me to believe he could see from New York any more than I believe Sarah Palin when she was reported to have said that she could see Russie. In addition, nobody else ever confirmed that story. Ergo, I knew it was most likely a lie to rile up those naive enough to believe him, and perhaps wanting to hate “the other” anyway.

The problem was that trump tried to pass himself off as a “populist.” By saying that, I am not denying that he qualifies for the category, but pointing out the problem with the category. Populists, especially when mixed with “Nationalism” always appeal to what I would call the worst tendencies of a population. And always, and I do always, their goals are achieved by creating angst and hardship for other parts of the population. The first name that I think of, other than trump, that fits this category is Andrew Jackson. Just ask the Native Americans what Andrew Jackson did to their people. All one has to do is say “Trail of Tears” to know the type of thing that he advocated and worked for. I might also point out that Hitler was both a Nationalist and a Populist as well, and lots and lots of people didn’t do too well under his rule.

So, I quickly realized that trump was not likely to do anything but make life worst for both followers of Islam and for Hispanic immigrants. Just as Hitler came to power hating Jews and expanded to all sorts of other groups, I knew trump was likely to expand his list of hated groups also. History proves me correct, as he added the intelligence community, the LGBTQ community with especially attention to the T subsection and to news reporters who didn’t rubber-stamp everything he did and said. He even demonized political adversaries as though they were worthless as human beings, summed up in their appearance or personal characteristics. Women, for example, were evaluated based on looks alone.

All of that was bad enough, but in 2020, things got even worst. First, there was the Covid-19 pandemic that came on in March, at the latest, and is still going. trump told us it would “disappear”, that it was already gone, that it would be gone over-night, etc. Each time he was proven wrong, he changed his story. As a result, certainly, almost 400,000 people are dead and the vaccine is coming out, but slower than it was supposed to.

Finally, they rounded up the whole mess in a basket with a conspiracy theory bow on top. People like Alex Jones and Sidney Power and the once Mayor now shyster lawyer perhaps dealing with dementia Giuliana came up with all sorts of theories about how the election of 2020 was “stolen” by the Biden camp, even in states where Republicans were in charge of the counting. Because of that conspiracy theorists and domestic terrorists like the Proud Boys, on Jan 6th, after about 60 court cases were rejected or thrown out due to lack of standing or actual evidence, there was an attempted insurrection in Washington DC. By allowed Giuliana to make his speech suggesting battle, trump and his top enablers laid the final fire to that conflagration.

Now, in the link provided, we are being told what the trump White House is like right now. Apparently, advisers have suggested that he resign, but he is afraid to do that because he doesn’t trust Pence to pardon him the way Ford pardoned Nixon, the man I have often called the SECOND most corrupt resident of the White House over the last four years; having been replaced in the top position by trump.

I am not sure what the article was trying to suggest, but I have to admit that it caused me some sadness. Not, mind you, the kind of sadness that makes me sorry he is leaving office, as I am overjoyed about that. The man was, in no way, qualified for the job, educationally, or via experience. He doesn’t really understand that the Constitution is a thing that limits each branch of the government, including the executive branch. He understands, or seems to, very little about diplomacy or history or anything that is needed for someone to be a true statesman. trump is no statesman, that is certain.

However, it still is sad to think of a man, however hard to worked to create the mess he himself is in, cornered by the repercussions of his own actions and attitudes, but apparently being unable to learn from mistakes that should have clear along the way. I believe he was used by unscrupulous people, but then he turned around and used and discarded them as well so it became a vicious cycle of abuse.

The rats, as a friend remarked to me, are now turning on their erstwhile leader. McConnell, for example, has expressed that when the impeachment trial is taken up by the Senate, he is not yet sure how he will vote. That is a huge departure from the constant support trump was getting even a few months ago. Apparently, nobody liked the Jan 6th insurrection attempt. So apparently, trump is huddling in place in the White House, not doing much work, certainly not involving himself any longer in the fight against Covid-19 leaving that to Pence, and feeling marginalized and alone.

trump will be leaving office at 12:00 Noon on Jan 20, next Wednesday. He will be leaving as the only person to ever govern from the White House and be impeached twice during a four-year term. It may even be that he will be tried in the new Senate and might just be convicted.

I would almost be willing to suggest letting him fade into the background, but he has been so defiant of reality and national norms so often, I am wondering if it might be a good thing for the new Senate to at least hear the trial and hopefully convict to have that additional “nail on the coffin” of his political aspirations. In the meantime, the United States has seen fit to do some things that are unprecedented. At least I don’t think a President has ever been banned from Facebook or Twitter before. Nor has a company like Amazon felt a need to remove one of their rather large customers because of the real danger that the militant anti-government rhetoric and even death threats against individuals might cause another insurrection attempt. Please note that DC has always rounded up 20,000 National Guardsmen to keep peace on Jan 20 because of that same threat that has been issued.

I don’t particularly like the fact that a huge platform has been put out of commission, but I also don’t want an attempt at another insurrection to try to keep a not qualified in any way trump in office. So there is the rub, sad as it is.

As I said at the beginning, my blog articles are likely to be less frequent. I will, however, perhaps write about the inauguration of Biden, in celebration, and then write occasionally when he does something that is meaningful like:

1. stop locking kids in cages on the southern border

2. drop the efforts to get “that wall” built

3. move for DACA recipients to have a path to citizenship…save them and us..our schools after all educated most of them.

4. overturn the ban on transgendered folks in the military — there is no evidence that the Generals actually wanted that, and if they are physically able to do the work, they should be allowed to just like everybody else.

5. re-enter the Paris Accord

6. put serious effort into distributing the Covid-19 vaccine…getting the highest numbers of shots out as quickly as possible.

7. bearing the health issues in mind before any changes in the reaction to Covid…as far as closures etc. Health comes first.

8. A new tax structure that focuses on breaks for the middle, working, and poor instead of the super-rich….trickle-down does not work, esp in today’s economy with automation.

9. A new economic plan, that Biden is already working on and talking about

10. returning to using experts in the subject matter of the department…people that care about public education for example rather than someone with no experience with public education that comes from an elite private school background and basically doesn’t even like or respect the public school system. That is where MOST of the nation’s children more or less have to go, due to finances.

So stay tuned for 2021, when I will still blog, if less often, in all likelihood. After all, this blog was set up for four years of existential panic. And now I can be a bit more relaxed, hopefully, until trump’s followers do another insurrection on the 20th and try to overthrow the duly elected President…..Biden.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.