the republican party has sold their soul to trump, hopefully the supreme court has not

Ok, this is obviously my daydream picture. This man belongs in the big house not the White House. I have said it since 2016 and still say it. We are dealing with a man who is corrupt as it gets. Not only does he have the support of Putin and the Russians, he has business dealings with them. Then, for 2020, he tried to elicit the Ukraine to join his efforts to discredit his opposition.

I have previously discussed on this blog site the fact that much of trump’s new properties for the last several years have been financed by Russian mob-types. Don Jr has even been quoted as admitting that they don’t need to borrow money because they are getting plenty from the Russians. Many of their “resorts” and towers are, in fact, have been built by Russians who leased his name for the publicity. I don’t understand the draw of that, I would avoid going somewhere that I knew trump was involved in. I don’t want to give more money to crooks.

But we know now that the Republicans have sold their soul to the trump brand. Lindsay Graham, who hated trump during the campaign, suddenly can’t say enough good things about him. Mitch McConnell has seen his wife put on the cabinet and the result has been a special envoy to that department for Mitch to have special treatment when asking for monies for his state. Something no other state seems to have, by the way.

But on March 31, we are about to enter a new phrase. The Supreme Court is going to hear the lawsuit of trump v Deutsche and trump v Mazars. Mazars is the accounting firm that was sent a subpoena by the house to get trump’s tax returns, and of course Deutsche Bank is the bank that trump borrowed money from after most of the other banks refused to loan to him because he had cheated them in the past.

The House is the agency given the authority to hold the purse strings and investigate any possible misdeeds by the person in the White House. They are not “allowed” to do so, it is one of their jobs. (shall not may) Of course now, since the Senate is complicit in trump deeds/misdeeds, the only body that can overrule repeated denial is the Supreme Court.

Remember here, at least two district court rulings have said that these two entities (Mazars and Deutsche Bank) need to answer the summons with the documentation. The reason is simple, it is valid function of the House to so demand. It was done in the case of Nixon, and Andrew Johnson.

Of course now, the Justice Department, or as I now call them, “the injustice department” is arguing that the House needs a greater level of evidence in order to demand said documents. So the two district decisions are invalid according the the Barr “justice” department. So, on March 31st, the Supreme Court will hear evidence, and the decision will be made by sometime in June.

Now, this is the hopefully last test, and my prayers and hopes are that the Supreme Court is still an independent and free body and will stand with precedents and rule on behalf of Mazars and Deutsche Bank and have the summon answered and the material delivered to the House.

If it is not, then my belief is going to be that trump has managed to slither and get enough people appointed that care nothing about true Justice or fair ness, and accept the idea that trump is above the law. If that is what the result is, then this country might as well hang it up, because we are finished. Well, maybe we might have a chance if we get someone else into the White House….an honest person. But, if trump has rigged the Supreme Court, he may have also managed to rig the election process.

Heaven help us!!!!

By the way, why is it that when a liberal, a person who cares about regular people, gets on the court, some yell about “activist judges” but when the right wing manages to get their trump like robots on the courts it is fine. Isn’t pro-trump also a form of activism. Just a thought. Oh wait, I already know the answer. Blind hatred of minorities and those who aren’t “like them”.

(by the way, the first article below is really a reminder of something we were told by the NYT back in December)

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