The Real Enemy of the American people….and it ISN’T the media!!!!

I will tell you who is a rude and horrible person….and it isn’t Jim Acosta either. This person started out attacking the media when he first came on the scene. He has continued to bully and yell out and refuse to answer questiolns from the media….the media, the way the people find out what is going on HONESTLY, in this country.

Now these attacks haven’t been on real right wing conspiracy rags like American Stinker, or Breitbart but rather long standing media used by people around the world to get information about whst is really going on.

I know a lot of people like to believe what they get via tweet instead of by media, but any time I have to decide between a well established news organization like NBC, ABC, CNN, New York Times or the Washington Post as set over against the tweeter in chief, I will believe the established media.

Indeed, this person has advocated violence, made fun of handicapped people and insulted the media as well as the intelligence community.


making fun of handicapped reporter…using his disability as part of the attack

I don’t think it is necessary to link a video about the general attacks on the media since he is so frequently heard to say those insults. Oh and lets not forget all the times he has attacked women..or judged them based on looks as though not living up to his idea of beautiful determines their value as human beings.

After two years of attack on the media, it has gotten so bad that meetings with the WHCA has become an excuse for him to attack and make fun of individual reporters in public.

the latest is that Jim Acosta has “lost his credentials” for what is called by the adminitration being a mean, horrible person. What was his sin? Truing to get straight answers from trump.

trump, I have news for you, Jim Acosta, and CNN News is NOT the enemy of the people. However, I know who the enemy is:

And you have to look no further than your mirror to find out who it is. YOU are the enemy of the American people. Yes, YOU!!! Lets look at the things you have done TO the American people:

1. told us Mexico would pay for the wall….knowing full well that was a lie

2. Indicated that if you didn’t get elected, it was only because the election was rigged. Subsequent evnets show that Flynn,Sessions, your son and son in law and who knows how many others ewre cosing up to Russia in hopes of getting help.

3. accepted an endorsement from David Duke…claiming you didnt know who he was. Well, you should have checked to see who he was if you didn’t know…but then you would hsve had to have your head in the sand not to know.

4. Bannan in your administration….the godfather of white Supremists

5. People picked to run agenys that they hate…like Pruitt with the EPA.

In myriad ways every day, you have shown that you are not going to serve poor people, LGBTQ people, women, Hispanics or Muslims that happen to live in this country. You have called yourself a “nationalist” while demonizing the caravan and trying to kick out the DREAMERS after first promising not to.

You, sir, are a lying,. cruel, greedy, nasty example of a human being. My support is for the 1st amendment and solidaly behind CNN and Jim Acosta.

Thinking, reasonable Americans know who the real enemy is!!!!

But keep attacking the media…some will buy it. Sadly if they do so too long, you will have destroyed anything approaching a Constituatonal democratic republic which is what this country is supposed to be. Instead we will be a third world dictatorship with a mad man in chsrge. All because some brain washed haters of “those people” who are afriad they will lose their special position of previlege in the country might have to share that place with some of the rest of us, go along with a man trying to destroy the free press.

But then you are already step by step trying to do that, aren’t you?!!!

Here is the situation that trump is calling “Acosta attacking the person working for the administration”. He was trying to keep the mic that the woman was trying to yank out of his hand. She started it, and the contact was on her, not him.

trump lying again!!!!

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