The old republican party is dead, what we have now is a MAGA cult with a Nazi ideology, with the Democrats still being for all the people

Ok, I am just going to call people what they are. The people that led the attempted overthrow of the duly elected President of the United States in the 2020 election are domestic terrorists, pure and simple. They employed the same sort of techniques that are used by the Islamic extremists that so many of our nation hate so strongly and that we were justifiably angry with after 9–11.

Whether they are part of the group called the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, Nazis or “white Nationalists” or the more honest White Supremacists, they are still just domestic terrorists who tried to put trump back into power even though the electoral college, as well as the popular vote, went for Biden. This was borne out of Republican vote counters in many cases as in Georgia AFTER recounts, in some cases two or three recounts.

The only conclusion that we can come to is that these groups were willing to disregard evidence and the testimonies of people that would have been the first to cry out if there had been known fraud and resort to violence anyway. They thought their beliefs without evidence, garnered from groups like QANON and social media put out by the most incredible sources right when the rest of the nation was wrong. Or maybe, they didn’t care if they were right or wrong, and just wanted to get the power of the nation in their hands at any cost, regardless of how criminal the actions of doing so might be.

Of course, trump had pumped these people up. He started hinting that he was open to any help they could give him, and also telling them they couldn’t trust the vote at the very beginning. Even in 2016, he claimed that the election was rigged, which was kind of a shocker when he managed to win. So, was 2016 rigged or not?? I am not saying it definitely was, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we found that the use of Russian propaganda had in fact stolen that election….for him.

So, all along, he issued dog whistles to prepare “his people” to revolt if he wasn’t acclaimed president, or more likely, he really wanted to be the dictatorship but I guess he was willing to settle for President for the time being. He gave actual Nazis who were marching in Charlottesville his endorsement by saying “people on both sides were good people”. There is no such thing as a good nazi and these people were marching while slandering Jews. And if that doesn’t prove they were Nazis, what more evidence do we need??

And then came along with the horrible murder of George Floyd and Black people and their supporters around the country were incensed. How many more Black men would die by police, with no real justification? But yet, Kyle Rittenhouse, who carried an AR-15 to a city where he didn’t live and caused a confrontation that ended up with him shooting and killing two people was found to be “self-defense” even though he would have been perfectly fine if he had minded his own business. We all know that if the races had been reversed, a black man who did what the 17-year-old Kyle did, their death would have been immediate (shot by a probably white cop). Kyle got away with killing two people that he didn’t need to.

As Malcolm Nance, an intelligence officer, the activity on Jan 6th was a terrorist attack on the capitol. There is no other way to describe it. The people that planned that event, should be in prison. The only thing is, sadly, that the United States, does not have a “domestic terrorist” law so they need to be hit with charges related to murder, or civil sues to force them to stop their outrageous anti-American behavior. Otherwise, they will continue their illegal attacks on the nation in the future.

In the meantime, remember, when you go to vote this year, you are not actually dealing with two parties, one Republican, one the Democrats. As bad as the old Republican party was for the poor and middle class, even that party is no more. What we are dealing with now, is the Democrats on one side, who are working to make it better for everybody. On the side, we have the MAGA, Nazi, QANON infected worshipers at the feet of a New York City scam artist that has cheated and lied to build a financial “empire” by betraying and attacking everybody he can to try and convince people that he is a victim when he hasn’t been in any fights, he hasn’t started or caused.

His followers have sold their souls to this man, and if they get a chance will try and take away the rights from everybody else. As angry as many of us are, the Supreme Court, with its horrible rejection of a woman’s right to determine what is done with and within her own body, may have done us a favor by showing people just how much government overreach and the type it will take if these people get any more access to power.

What’s really funny is that while many of the MAGA people were running the streets, plotting to kidnap people like Whitmer for trying to save lives by mandating masks and lockdowns to prevent more death from Covid from having it spread (remember, there has currently been over a million deaths from covid…I just got my 3rd booster, I ain’t taking any chances) — another one of their terrorist attacks, they want to take a women’s choice, which has nothing to do with anybody but her and the fetus, away from her.

And don’t expect that the LGBTQ and women will be the only ones to lose their rights if these people win. As the author indicates, they are truly extreme and hate all liberals (ie believers in all created equal which is part of the founding documents of the nation), but Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, and even the Islamics that they claim are horrible terrorists but whose techniques they use themselves.

VOTE BLUE: the life and nation you save will be yours and mine. Oh, and I also recommend that you read this book, likely in the library. It is very revealing, and remember this is a guy who has plenty of experience dealing with terrorist organizations.



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