The Liar in Chief is apparently panicking….as he should be

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I am reminded of something my mamma used to say, in the hills of Tennessee. The chickens will eventually come home to roost. Of course used the way she was using it, it hadn’t nothing to do with chickens but everything to do with deeds that we might not want to be known to be unveiled. It appears that the lies and misdeeds of this administration just might be “coming home to roost” and quickly.

Now on Monday, he went on another one of his constant twitter trirades wherein he attacked Michael Cohen and indicated that the deal Michael Cohen was wrong and Michael should get a huge jail sentence. Cohen testified last week that yes indeed trump still wanted that busines deal to go though for the tower in Moscow. Why anybody would think that wasn’t the case, when trump’s most ardent defense was mixed in with rationale that “even if I did do it, I had the right since I didn’t know I was going to win the election.”

Peope don’t hedge their bets like that, especially in public unless they are afraid that the truth will come out and their actions become known. Then, and only then, would they think to excuse themselves “even if they were guilty.” trump does that repeatedly if anybody is passing attention to what he actually says and does.

Then in his twitter feed he praises Roger Stone for saying that he wouldn’t betray the man in the White House. Isn’t that what Cohen said before trump essentially threw him to the wolves? Yet Cohen decided that being able to take care of his family was more important than being loyal to a man who had already telegraphed the phone that he was throwing Cohen to the wolves. I truely suspect that Roger Stone may change his tune if trump doesn’t guantanee him a pardon…which he won’t if things might go south for him. Remember, trump is all about trump…..loyalty means nothing to him if throwing the other person to the wolves might conceivably get him out of a jam.

He proved that in business and is continuing the same trend as the man in the White House. A crook and a soundrel doesn’t change with more power…they get worse.

Also take into consideration the fact that Putin has already confirmed that Cohen continued with the tower deal to the middle of 2016. Now once again people will try to say that Cohen did that on his own. He wouldn’t have dared if trump had given him a clear signal that the deal was over.

The days when trump might have fired Mueller and gotten away with it are just about over. Remember, the House now has something like 40 more seats than the republicans do. Democrats can walk and chew gum at the same time…ie they can work on things to keep the American people and make sure the truth comes out about trump as well. In fact, to my mind getting the truth out IS helping the American people.

The Judicial Committee within the House will not let trump bury the Mueller investigation. Mueller has files that can and will be turned over to congress…and the House will work to make sure something is done with that information.

trump is, in fact, panicking at this point, as he should be. I hope to see him in an orange jumpsuit within a year or two….and hope he stays in one for the rest of his life. The man is a crook, most of us know it, and he can’t be allowed to destroy the nation with his crookery.


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