The House committee working hard, doing good, now get the ringleaders, please

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4 min readJan 5, 2022


Tomorrow will be the first anniversary of the right-wing insurrection that tried to overturn the legal election of Biden by force the day of the final count. This came after the previous guy (otherwise known as trump) and Bannon, among others, riled up the extremists on the right by telling lies that had no evidence to back them up about the election being stolen.

Before that, there had been 60 tries to overturn the election, all ruled not have even included enough evidence to be considered. Those frivolous lawsuits even when as high as the Supreme Court and would be rejected each time. In addition, the previous administration was on record as putting pressure on the often Republican vote counters, specifically in Georgia to “find some more votes”.

So it was that something like 2500 people stormed the Capital in an attempt to overturn the election results, already verified, repeatedly in some cases, by the individual states and approved. That action should be seen as nothing other than an insurrection, or if you prefer, treason against the lawful government and the Constitution that guarantees a PEACEFUL transfer of the power of the presidency. Those insurrectionists put lives in danger that day.

The House formed a bipartisan committee to investigate with two Republicans being brave and honest enough to stand up to the insane right enough to seriously look at the issue. Those two, Kinzinger and Cheney, are owed a debt of gratitude for their willingness to stand against the pressure, including death threats and vilification, to work with the Democrats to give the nation justice.

We all need to remember, with some degree of gratitude that those two showed moral backbone that the rest of the Republican party is sorely lacking. I wouldn’t vote for either of them because they are still Republicans and “conservatives” and are not likely to do anything at all for working Americans, but at least, unlike the majority of the Republicans now in Congress, they don’t support the criminality of the Trumpian mob.

So where do we stand right now? Well, first of all, 700 people have been arrested out of something like 2500 that were involved. There are 1000 events that may very well qualify as assaults and 225 incidents of attack and/or interference with the police. We had testimony from four such officers as evidence. That is not bad at all. Good work committee!!!!

Those are all the low-level actors in this attempt to destroy our representative democracy that took place on Jan 6, 2021. That leaves those that fueled the fire and caused the violence. Those people include those like Bannon, Stone, many of the Republicans in both the House and the Senate, and Trump himself. The question now is, whether those miscreants will be brought to justice.

In one same piece of good news, Bannon was subpoenaed and found in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify. That is one good step, now trump and Giuliana need to be brought to justice for their inflammatory speeches that riled the mob up and caused the violence, including plans to hang Pense as well as do physical damage to the Capital building and violence against policemen and others trying to do their job.

Is it too much to ask that justice be done?? Well, I am hoping not, because trump created this mess and has continued to fuel the flames of conspiracy theories and mob violence by continuing to spread the BIG LIE.

Hopefully, 2022 will see the end of the rabid right-wing white nationalist mob that whether it be labeled as racism or just xenophobia in addition to a hatred of the fact that America is a diverse and multicultural nation. That is a situation I am grateful for because I like being surrounded by people of different ethnicities and cultures because I think it makes our society a richer more vibrant one. And after that was the goal of our earlier history, a nation welcoming all from wherever to form a more perfect union. There is no richness to a “union” where everybody is exactly the same. Nor true freedom either.



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