The Hero’s in the Covid-19 scenario (some too numerous to name)

While there have been more than a few villains in the story of Covid-19 in the United States, there are a few heroes as well. Now, some of those heroes are people like nurses and doctors that are risking their lives to help those ill with this horrible virus. Those people have to remain nameless on this article because there are just too many of them. Just about every hospital in the country has a crew of such heroes.

However, there are some heroes that are in a position to truly stand out and be counted as influencing and helping huge numbers of people. Sadly, there are not that many well known names that have come to my attention when the medical workers are excluded. They, obviously, have gone beyond the pale, but in government, not so many good guys, unfortunately and especially not on the federal level.

The first hero is in the picture above. John Bel Edwards is the governor of Louisiana and thanks to his stay-at-home orders, and the wise people who listened to him, we are no longer the third highest in cases per capita for the country. We have done well at adhering to the guidelines, especially in New Orleans.

New Orleans is where the virus first hit our state. The major cause likely being Mardi Gras, when thousands descended into the city for the festivals. That might have avoided if we had better support from the Federal Government but unfortunately that was while the administration was saying that there was nothing to it.

After that big spike, however, we have managed to improve to the point where we only had one death in the 24 hours that ended 4:00P yesterday. New Orleans has rallied, obeyed the restrictions and pulled out. Meanwhile, we have continued problems in areas where they tended not to answer the call quite as robustly.

Edwards, who has used his brain and the advice of those around him in addition to input from the CDC and DC has done much to handle this crisis. First of all the stay-at-home order, which he has now extended to May 15, has done wonders. He actually stepped out in front of the pack in opening by deciding that people with ailments that were not emergencies but which could easily become emergencies if ignored should be able to go ahead and get treatment. Oh and schools in Louisiana are definitely closed for the year.

The numbers for the last 5 days in Louisiana

cases 26,140 deaths 1601 hospital 1697

cases 26,512 deaths 1644 hospital 1700

cases 26,773 deaths 1670 hospital 1701

cases 26,832 deaths 1697 hospital 1683

cases 27,286 deaths 1758 hospital 1666

The numbers of those in the hospital is gradually going down, at this point. That is good. However, if you look a bit more closer, the numbers of deaths is climbing at a faster rate that the hospitalizations are coming down, so Edwards was right in keeping the closure till May 15th, at least. At that time, he will either extend it again or go to stage one of the recovery. Living here, I am a lot more confident that we are doing the right thing, as a state, than many of our neighbors.

The second hero is Gov Cuomo of New York State. He has also done what needed to be done. In recent briefings he has responded politely but with firmness to accusations that his state is somehow financially wasteful and doesn’t deserve being bailed out.

Not only did he shut down most activity in his state, he has worked to coordinate with the surroundings states in order to bring a unified effort to the area that shares workers between them. An area effort is what is called for and what he has done. Bravo!!

In addition, he has stood up to the administration in Washington, especially trump in his attacks on Blue States. After being told that New York and other Blue states should not get help because they are “wasteful”, he politely but firmly responded that this is NOT the time to go there. People are trying to work together to bring an end to the pandemic. Pointing fingers at this point is not valuable, if it ever were to be. However, since trump wants to go there, Cuomo pointed out that New York is a “donor state” meaning that they contribute more the Federal budget than they take away from the feds. The states that stand as “takers” are the poor red states, for example many red states that are also low in wealth. (have more poverty overall)

That last is to be applauded. That he remained civil at all, is more than I would have done under the circumstances so he is a man of high calibre.

Now, I know there are leaders in lots of locations. I am thinking of California with Newsom, Michigan (anybody that is ignored because they fight for We the People is a hero to me) and Washington come to mind. However, I know fewer details on them so I will stop with this.

The next entry will be the villains, and believe me, it will be a longer post with a lot more people named. In fact, I may have to split it into two articles. I suspect some of you know who will be top of that list, but let’s not go there just yet. Let’s celebrate “the good guys” for right now.