The gloves are off….yes, i hate trump and don’t like his followers very much either

Yes, I am saying it!!! I have watched the criminal in the White House. He came in on a wave of hatred, bigotry, white nationalists and Hitler like rhetoric. It turns out that he then was the rigging of the election rather than the victim of s rigging as he claimed he was all though the election process as he rejected the very idea of accepting defeat and standing by his competitors in his own party. That was uncouth and uncivilized enough, but it continued.

Then we have the long long list of his bullying tactics, his crying like a baby about being mistreated. He actually had the nerve to complain that he had been mistreated worse than Lincoln. Lincoln was killed, you a-hole!!!! I have not heard of a single attempt on your life, and you have certainly insulted and wished evil on enough people to have some unfortunate lunatic resort to such an action.

Then we can’t and won’t forget the kids you yanked out of their asylum seeking parents arms and placed in what amounted to a concentration camp. Evil done to children is one of two of the most evil things a person can engage in, and you are guilty as is your corrupt administration.

Meanwhile he is 1. blackmailing the Ukraine to do his political bidding, 2. attacking any news reporter that asks him anything that is not a softball. trump-loving question and lying about proof that he claims he has that the whole world is aware of and he calls it “obamagate”. Obama did nothing illegal, he is making it up out of his own sick and preverted mind.

However, there are idiots in the country that are buying this garbage. Q and OAN (a right wing, trump supporting propaganda spewing wing of the White House, is saying that Hydroxyochoroquine is the cure (no proof, research being done) and the Covid-19 pandemic is all over and there is no more danger. I have seen people actually suggest this on other sites. Well, I suggest they use that “cure” as quickly as possible. They might also follow his other suggestion and wash it down with a good gulp of drano…and do the job right. No, I am not seriously suggesting that, for those that can’t read snark.

Yeah, I am there. Stupidity gets no quarter from me today.

By the way, it was pointed out that Michigan is issuing a “non-invitation” to trump to come to that state. The Secretary of State has said that his behavior during the tour of the Ford factory was unacceptable. In addition, the Mayor of Baltimore is asking trump not to come to their city as well. In Michigan, he refused to obey the state law, as well as Ford regulations that required the wearing of masks for the protection of those around him, and even bragged about it to the media. Such lack of consideration to the good people around him shows his character is not good, even if nothing else had already shown that.

But, then that is in line with his defense of the domestic terrorists that stormed the State Capital to demand that the governor release them, against health concerns and common human decency, to go back to “life as usual” during this horrible pandemic that is STILL killing 1300 or so people each and every day.

I no long suffer stupidity in my life. A facebook “friend” this week had the nerve to comment on my facebook post petitioning and encouraging others to petition for health saving absentee voting provisions so that voters can SAFELY do their constitutional duty. She said “that will encourage dead people to vote”. I am not having that filth on my page, so I immediately deleted her as a friend, also deleting her nasty comment and told her that her “defence” that it was her sarcastic response to every such post that she was likely losing friends right and left just like she had me.

I had known this witch (being polite and not calling her what I want to call her) of a trump supporter for 25 years or more. She has always been a bit loopy so it shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did. Not that she was ignorant enough to SAY it, but that she would go to the trouble of saying it on MY page. Well, she won’t anymore.



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Left Wisdom

68 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.