the daily covid deaths for the last 18 days a “mere” 1634?

Ok, some that run across this may be disappointed that my demise was greatly exaggerated, however, there were some that expressed concern. Let’s just say that I had a technological mishap and was unable to get online for about 18 days. But I am back in all my glory.

Hello, readers.

So what has been going on? Well, here at casa SFTL, not a lot since the computer was down and I had to read and watch movies to entertain myself, but today I managed to squeak back online. So now, I am trying to catch up with the events of the last 3 or so weeks.

First of all, I have listened to the news which seems upbeat, even concerning Covid. However, there seem to continue to be those hospitals that are overbooked and struggling to get things like heart attacks taken care of…thanks to all the anti-vaxxers who refuse to put their selfishness aside for the purposes of helping the entire nation and world recover from this heinous pandemic.

I went to John’s Hopkins map (I quite looking on the CDC webpage after the last administration threatened to tamper with the figures) to see what the totals were at this point. While there have been 1.7 million new infections since September 24th (the day before my computer bombed out, there have only been 29,414 new deaths. At this point saying “only” seems sad, but considering that prior to Sept 24th, as many as 2000 or more died in a single day, the new average of 1634 is an improvement of sorts.

So what do we own for this change?? Well, I went to a chain restaurant wearing my mask as I have been even since March of 2020 and at the door, there was a sign that in order to enter one had to submit proof of vaccination (which I had) or a recent (within the last week) test showing a negative result. I showed them my care and went in, relieved that at least some businesses are thinking about the health of their customers.

In addition, I heard the news yesterday or today and a ballplayer in New York is not going to be allowed to play in home games until he gets vaccinated, at least one of the two shots. That will close him to something like 83,000 dollars per game. Personally, I don’t think he should be allowed to play in away games either to be consistent but maybe those tend to be outdoor games, although personally, I don’t think it should matter.

If more companies will put the health of their customers and staff before the short-term gain of a few meals or items of product sold, we might just come out out pandemic. Some ner-do-wells will still insist on displaying their selfish disregard for others but the rest of us need to stand up to them.

Now, the next item of business, to harass my doctor till he agrees for me to get the booster shot as an extra safety measure.



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