The Capitol insurrectionists: the “useful idiots” to trump’s megalomaniac ego

(picture one shared by the Atlantic link below from 1–6–21)

Ok, I am not going to mince words in this blog. The insurrectionists that attacked the Capitol are the “useful idiots” for trump’s over-bloated ego and power-hungry. While some of the more extreme on the right like to call anybody who advocates for any kind of help for actual citizens as being “useful idiots” for communism, they are proving to be the most vivid example of the term seen by the United States for …..well, ever, I guess.

What trump has done since day one, really, is to use whatever theories or tropes that were out there that would rile up those that hated the fact that America was becoming more willing to accept different sorts of people, to condemn “others” as the enemy. He and his allies, whether deliberately or by convenience, in the “right-wing” media including such pulp news sources as World Daily News and American Thinker and especially the king of conspiracy theories, Alex Jones and Infowars, have used every lie and made-up story to gin up the hate.

Sadly, they have been largely successful in some circles. When you add to that the fact that many of those most susceptible, while claiming to be the most patriotic and presumably the most loyal to the Constitution, really seem to have no idea what the Constitution even says or means.

If we were sitting in a movie theater and some jerk screamed out “fire” when there was no fire, it would be a case of simply causing panic and possible destruction as people tried to escape. That person would at least be thrown out of the theater and hopefully be sentenced to a fine or some sort of jail term consistent with how much damage they actually caused to happen. Yet, many of the extremists supporting trump seem to think that a media source shutting down access to platforms while extreme violent political lies and rumors are being spread because of the huge damage it could cause the nation and its people, will tell you that is a violation of the “free speech” clause. Bullcrap!!!

In order to example why I use the “useful idiot” phrase to describe those that have already attacked on Jan 6th and some of those who are suggesting another attack on the 20th, let’s look at exactly what trump has done in the last six or so days.

Prior to January 6th, trump announced that “all patriots” should come to DC to protest this horrible injustice of the vote not going in his favor. The courts “stubbornly” refused to overturn the election based on absolutely no valid evidence found. This was after at least one state, Georgia, counted the votes three times. This claim along with conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and fly by night, never heard of before, crackpots like Sydney Powell suggesting that somehow a South American dictator who is now long deceased somehow programmed the voting machines used in 2020 to help Biden steal the vote from trump.

Then on the morning of January 6th, we have the rally. Before the march started trump made a speech that, for him, seems rather tame. He suggests that they applaud the brave people in Congress who were working to find the truth, knowing, he said that some would likely not warrant such applause. Then Guiliana, the former mayor turned conspiracy theorist and crackpot extra-ordinary made a speech suggesting a trial by combat. Remember, this was made to people already riled up over lies that had spread across the blogosphere and conspiracy media. They were really to receive that message from trump’s “trusted advisor” as STORM THE CAPITOL.

And that is precisely what they did!!!! What is truly ironic is that trump didn’t even keep his pre-January 6th promise to his foot soldiers. He said he would be “with them” and yet when the march started, what did trump do? He scurried back to the White House where he had a party to celebrate what they were doing out on the street. This was followed a couple of days later by the second youtube video where trump actually makes a speech, under pressure from more decent people perhaps (?), that actually repudiate the actions that he himself asked for.

And yet, the “useful idiots” still claim he is the answer to their concerns. We who voted for Biden, wanting, wanting to get sanity back into the White House after four years of horror, lies, attacks on several demographics, and general chaos, are told that we are idiots who are voting for the man who will usher in a communist dictatorship. Yet, they themselves continue to support a man who not only has been caught numerous times telling lies and defaming people who have done no worse than disagree with his behavior whether it was part of his ideology (does he even have an ideology other than opportunism, really??) or just the way he talked to someone on Twitter.

The trump years have been some of the most scandal-filled years in American history. There have been repeated incidents of corruption among those that he put in place, going all the way back to Scott Pruit. He has been caught using campaign money to pay off prostitutes to keep them quiet, trying to blackmail Ukraine to do his dirty political work and “investigate” Biden and had connections to Russia before and during the campaign in 2016.

This morning, I found another youtube video, since having lost the link so I can’t “prove” it, where trump has again stated that his speech prior to the march on the 6th was “perfect”. He went on to claim that many people (presumably the voices in his head from all evidence we have) have told him it was perfect. He didn’t actually mention whether those same voices also told him that Giuliana’s speech advocating “combat” was perfect also, but we can’t forget that as part of the background as well.

Before Twitter cut trump off for encouraging violence, and Amazon wisely deleted the salacious right-wing propaganda social media outlet Parler for the same reason, after, it should be said giving them notice that they needed to start curtailing some of the most violent of rhetoric being spread, there were already threats of more violence on January 20th. It is to be hoped that the media cut back will prevent an actual violent (with guns) insurrection on Jan 20th.

Otherwise, we are going to see a real test of the theory that a group of people with guns up to and including AK-15’s can actually “stop tyranny”. As I have often said, that logic is not real. The government has much more firepower than any individual or group within the country. So what those foolish enough to try to repeat the errors of the south during the 1860s will be shown as being, is indeed “useful idiots” serving nothing but trump’s massive overblown ego.

So, trump supporters, don’t be “useful idiots”, please. None of us will be happy with the results. Oh, and by the way, if it matters to anybody, please note that the Pentagon has released a message that they abhor the attempted insurrection on January 6th and are confirming Biden as the President-Elect.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.