The Best Reason for parents to homeschool or send their kids to a private school that I Have Ever Seen

picture found on politico

I had never believed in private school. That attitude results from my belief that people need to be exposed to all sorts of people. So often, private schools have been a way of keeping “momma’s little darling” from having to deal with Black people or poor people. You know, the type that isn’t considered as good or deserving as “momma’s little darling” in her arrogant opinion. But I have finally come around a bit on this issue.

In the days of Covid, I would encourage all parents that have the ability to either home school or sent their children to private schools, even if they have to come together with other parents to create such a school. It is to save the kids from political hacks like DeSantis pictured above.

Looking at the last seven days on Johns Hopkins Covid-19 map, the facts reveal that we have lost 8806 people to Covid in those seven days. That is actually more than a thousand deaths a day. After we have come up with a valid effective vaccine, there is no excuse for that. Well, none except one.

The reason for that statistic, with upwards of over 600,000 new cases every single workday (I leave the weekends out since so many states are no reporting on the weekends) coming down with Covid, is none other than the arrogances and anti-science attitudes of people like the wackadoodle pictured at the top of the page. He is, in a very real sense murdering people in the state of Florida as we speak.

A judge ruled against his draconian and health-threatening decree against mask mandates in school. However, even though at least seven counties have already told him “no” and directed that the schools have a mask mandate in place, he intends to push that life-threatening decree anyway. The lie of a reason he is giving is that “parents have the right to determine whether their child has to wear a mask or not”.

That is bull. Yes, a parent can tell the child that a mask is not necessary for the privacy of their own social circle. However, when that child is going to be in direct interaction with “my child”, the answer is I don’t want my child exposed to “your child” if it is not wearing a mask period!!!! WHY??? Because, obviously you are anti-mask, and it is not too big a jump to suspect you are also anti-vax. Quite frankly, I don’t want “my child” exposed to the virus that “your child” is likely to come down with. With the logic that each parent has a right to choose, what does that do to MY rights???? It defeats them so that I don’t have the right to maintain the health of my child. How the heck is that right????

I consider DeSantis, Abbot, and even Lee of Tennessee to be complicit with murder by a virus. Sadly they are not the only accomplices.

The first article is a celebration of the Judge's ruling for health and against individual parents having the “freedom” to endanger every child in a school for their own selfish reasons. The Judge was obviously willing to do the right thing regardless of the political flack he was going to get.

The second article discusses the fact that ICUs in Georgia, another state that is entirely too indulgent of the anti-vaxxer, anti-mask behavior, are loaded with Covid cases. What that is doing is endangering people that have normal things like heart attacks from getting health care and creating a horrible backlog and overworking the medical staff. Thanks again, anti-vaxxer, anti-maskers!!!

We need a national mandate, like the one that the military has directed that requires the vaccine, and if not that, a serious mandate of the wearing masks until we get this pandemic truly under control, or the result will be continued mutation and a constant circle-back affecting those of us who were small enough to get the vaccine the first time around.

Just as everybody is required to fasten their seatbelts, have their lights on when they drive at night, and do other things that are for the good of everybody, we need to create and enforce a mandate that makes exposing everybody to new variants of the virus illegal as well. Some people are obviously just too selfish or too blind to do the right thing, and they are not just affecting their own health, where I would agree it is up to them, but everybody else’s as well.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.