The Angry Vaccinated Speak Out Finally: Let’s deal with the Anti-Vaxxers the way we did the Drunk Drivers they have so much in common with

I am taking the gloves off and not being polite anymore. It is time for the Anti-Vaxxer and Anti-Masker idiots to either come to the table or suffer the results of their selfishness just as those who insist on driving while intoxicated do. Their continuing endangerment of all of us is no longer acceptable and hasn’t been for some time, but part of the problem, sadly, is with Governors and other leaders not doing what they could and should have done to encourage the preservation of life. I will go so far as to say that the ignorant disregard of the medical community's guidelines that have occurred in such states as Florida, Tennessee, and Texas is to blame for the new upturn in cases and deaths that has hit our nation.

Yesterday was a case in point. Seventeen months into this horrible pandemic, AFTER not one but three vaccine treatments have been generated, Louisiana’s death toll was 53 in one day. The United States as a whole lost 913 people, a drop from 931 on Wednesday and over a thousand on Tuesday. And that is only talking about deaths.

When we look at the hospitals, we have huge numbers of beds taken up by Covid patients, many of whom had the opportunity to get the vaccine and because of no-knowing, care-not politicians and others called Anti-Vaxxers refused to get the vaccine. The end result is those persons are taking up room in the hospital and keeping people to suffer heart attacks and other serious illnesses from getting treatment. The anti-vaxxers, I don’t think i am overstating one bit, are causing unnecessary deaths on a huge scale.

And this is only the Delta variant. Those same selfish and deluded people are also causing us to have a literal Petri disc to develop new variants that will at some point cause the vaccine not to be effective. We are already looking at being required to take a booster shot for those with immune-compromised issues, and possibly for everybody about either month after the second shot. I have already sent a message to my doctor about the possibility of getting that booster since I have existing conditions although I am not sure I qualify at this point.

Meanwhile, idiots like Lee in Tennessee, Abbot in Texas, and DeSantis in Florida are refusing to even allow local school boards to mandate masks for the safety of their staff and students. Inspired by this, there was a recent riot in the parking lot of a school board in Tennessee that wanted to take measures to protect with masks. The anger is out of all reason and life-threatening in its magnitude. People have “rights” but that right ends when it infringes on other people’s right to be pandemic-free.

The fact is that the Anti-Vaxxers have much more in common with drunk drivers than might at first seem likely. They, like drunk drivers, insist on having things their way. Some will even throw a fit because a school or a business refuses to let down their correct care for the health of all. They insist on their RIGHT to not wear a do what they want with their own bodies. So does the drunk driver who insists that all the other people on the road are unworthy of their concern. All that is important to many of them is that THEY have the right to drive home from the bar.

I would even suggest that the Anti-Vaxxers, who also refuse to wear masks in public are WORSE because the virus will go from person to person. Infect one, and that person may infect several more and so on. So that one Anti-vaxxer that refuses to wear a mask and we allow them to get away with it, very well might cause its own little pandemic of hundreds of people coming down sick.

Right now, you have people like myself, who got both shots, who are still staying away from crowds, and boycotting a particular favorite restaurant because I know one employee at that restaurant who refuses to get vaccinated. I never know when she might be on duty and am not taking the risk. I hate having to avoid a favorite restaurant because of one person, but there it is.

I understand, to some extent, regular people who have fear. Fear that has been generated by lies on the internet at a large measure. However, I think it is time we start treating anti-vaxxers, especially those who rant and rave about masks like we do drunk drivers. Remember if not for groups like MADD (Moms against Drunk Drivers) we would not have the crackdown that now holds bartenders responsible if a patron is allowed to drive out of the parking lot. We took the problem seriously and we did something about it.

Reading the below links article told me that my anger and frustration have other adherents. There are comments suggesting the very action that I mention in the previous paragraph. It is time we stop allowing the idiots and careless among us to dictate ALL of our lives, including our health and possibly even our deaths.

Let’s pull together, folks, the life you save may be your own. Let’s not patronize stores, especially in hot spots, that do not require masks, to start with.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.