Thanksgiving continues even after the day….with the election fight

Those of us that rejoice in a Biden victory as being a victory for correctly thinking Americans continues to feel a bit of gratitude even the day after the official Thanksgiving day. So what did I wake up to today?

Well, last week, Pennsylvania was told that the state could continue with the certification process for Biden. Last week, the trump gang was told that they had no basis for claiming fraud and that the vote wouldn’t be halted. Today, November 27, the appeals court (because of course, the trump team appealed) ruled that in fact, that judge was correct and that trump had no evidence to support this in the latest of his attempts to prevent the Biden win.

Now, whether or not trump is simply trying to keep Biden out of the White House, or more largely discredit the entire voting system, as I remind you Putin and the Russians are reported to have tried to do in 2016 and continuing, is unclear to many of us. Or, maybe, it is just that he likes being in power and doesn’t want to let go of the reins…a purely arrogant ego grab, in other words.

The wonderful news, the news we can all be grateful about today, is that the dozens of lawsuits that trump has fired in several different states, none of them have really been taken seriously nor did they achieve anything other than slowing things down. Even in Georgia, the recount didn’t change the results as many of us hoped it would not. Now Pennsylvania has joined the rest of the states, including Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia in rejected trump's frivolous lawsuits.

Now, it seems that the only thing between Biden and his documented and valid victory is one lawsuit brought by local politicians in Pennsylvania. That is by a Commonwealth Judge in Pittsburg, who has responded to a few Republicans who are suing by saying that the mail-in ballot decision was unConstitutional. This argument has already been roundly rejected by the Governor as well as the majority Republican legislature, but she agreed to order a stoppage of the certification till a hearing could be held. I thought that the hearing was to be early this morning, but as of writing this blog, I couldn’t confirm any results of said hearing. So that little glitch is still out there.

However, considering the huge number of lawsuits that have been ruled without merit over the last 25 days or so, it is not likely that this lawsuit will achieve its goal either. The goal, I can only assume is to cast doubt on the Biden victory. There is even question about whether they have the right to sue in that particular court rather than the State Supreme Court. It is to be hoped that when the hearing takes place, this lawsuit will end up being dismissed just like the many others that have been.

However, even assuming they achieve their goal, and trump is declared the winner for the state of Pennsylvania, he still lost the popular vote (as he did in 2016) but also the Electoral College vote would then state at 286–252 and Biden would still be the winner. This fact should be reassuring to all of us since Pennsylvania also announced late this week that 10,000 deaths have occurred from Covid-19, which trump so roundly ignored for so long. A Biden victory might just be what saves our very lives.



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