Thanks, trump, how many more have to get sick and die while you fiddle over the fire, and allow people like DeSantos to waste human life for your petty ego

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While Trump tries to distract us from the ugly truth that he has botched every emergency, often turning things that were not emergencies into one by his incompetence and lack of attention, we are getting the answer to the question some have been asking. Where has Covid-19 gone? Well, it is becoming clear again, that Covid-19 is still around and growing in some parts of the country.

Seattle has an autonomous zone that the police basically abandoned to the protestors against the epidemic of police instigated violence throughout the country, most of which seems to be focused on young and not so young Black men. The response from the White House is to threaten to do what was done in DC and send in the troops and make matters worst. We all know by now that trump’s reaction to everything is to bully and threaten and makes things worse. That is one thing that we can be sure of.

The fact of the matter is that there seems to have been little violence on the part of the people in the “autonomous zone”, just a bunch of protestors letting the city and nation know that they are not happy about all the murders by police that have happened for years but seem to have gotten even more prevalent and blatant this year. If there was really a lot of violence, as trump keeps insisting, I don’t think the mayor would still be insisting on a hands off approach. (and yes, I believe the Mayor and the governor over trump…any day)

We know how trump would handle it. He has already attacked the protestors in DC with tear gas and rubber bullets (please don’t even try to say it was pepper spray instead of tear gas…that is a difference not worth mentioning) thirty-five minutes before they had been informed that they had to go home. Of course, trump had to make things worse, jump the gun and anger both the protestors and the sensible leaders of law enforcement, and even including a religious institution with a long association with the physical closeness to the people in the White House. In addition, he had barriers erected that blocked people in the area from going about normal business.

See what I mean? Everything trump touches end up being worse after he has meddled in it than it was before he entered the picture. Thanks again, trump!!

But now, the question is where is Covid-19 since his reaction to the protests has been center stage? Well, it hasn’t really gone anywhere. It has been just steaming along, doing its pandemic thing. But now, in mid Summer, we are seeing an uptick. Not everywhere, but certainly where you would expect an uptick.

Oh, it is doing ok in Louisiana. That’s because, especially in New Orleans, we are still not fully open. We are still being encouraged to wear protective face gear (masks) and stay at least six feet from other people. Georgia seems to be holding pretty steady, despite having been more eager to open up completely than even trump wanted them to. Both states are finding of 500 additional cases each day, on average, but the deaths are considerably less than they were earlier in the year.

Illinois, and I think they can thank Michigan with its extremist re-open mob, has continued to have quite a few new cases but again not that many new deaths. Yet, nationally, over the last twenty-four hours, there were 18,577 additional cases discovered, with 496 new deaths. Yes, Virginia, people are still dying from this pandemic. It hasn’t disappeared as trump has told us twice now that it was going to…just any day.

So, the question becomes where are these additional cases being found? Well, I am hearing that Texas and Arizona are having some issues with this. However, I haven’t researched those states, despite the fact that Texas is a danger to Louisiana. They are our “next-door neighbor” and if they are careless and get an uptick, it is more than likely going to invade Louisiana and undo all the hard work we have done.

The other culprit causing the upswing in cases is none other than Florida. Remember Florida, the state led by the man more eager to kiss trump’s backside than other governors in the nation? Yeah, that Florida.

The state of Florida has been hit with over 14000 new cases in the last seven days, with 2783 in just the last twenty-four hours. There doesn’t seem to have been a huge uptick in deaths so far. However, DeSantis is not a man that I would trust. He is too in trump’s pocket for me to trust the man to let the truth get out about how many people are dying if there is any possible way he can hide it. He has certainly manipulated and hidden figures by using different recording tools than the other states that I am following have.

But then, he is more than anxious to have 50,000 people gathered together in one location for a tribute to the infantile Bunker Boy in the White House. Remember, he moved “his part of the RNC convention” for no other reason than that he didn’t want to take precautions for human lives by sensibly restricting mingling of huge numbers of people without masks.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t begrudge any of those republicans who care so little for their own lives, or the lives of their loved ones that they are willing to take this chance. I am just worried about the rest of us having to mope up the mess that they come home and infect us with, after working hard to get things under control.

Oh and the lives of the poor workers and citizenry who are afflicted with this invasion of the type of person that is willing to kill innocent people as long as they help the Orange Menace get his fragile ego stroked. I have a friend or three in Florida, I worry about THEM. Fortunately, however, they don’t live in Jacksonville and one of them is very serious about isolating since he already has COPD.

If the trump followers wanna give their lives, I would never stand in the way of their “freedom” as crazy as I think they are. I just hope I never run into any of them while they are still contagious.

Oh, and Fauci, the only one of the trump “team” that I have any trust and respect for. He hasn’t even been talked to by the person who is SUPPOSED to be our leader for two weeks. Hah, what leader…more like Bunker Boy with a huge ego?!!

Notice how diplomatic this man is. He makes sure he never accuses anybody of anything, even though I suspect he knows trump actually pushed for a premature opening to save his vaunted ego about his so-called achievement with the economy. He deserves very little real credit since it was improving under Obama. He just didn’t actually manage to ruin it till the pandemic hit and he had no plan.

But finally, to show my “deep, deep respect” for trump, here is a happy birthday song.

I love this song almost as much as I do “Bunker Boy”.

And then, check out the street interviews about this wonderful birthday celebration. (and yes, I know it is from 2016….but who cares, the sentiment is there)

Oops, I better stop. You might get the idea I have no respect for trump or something. We can’t have that, now can we?