Thanks to the Supreme Court, trump could possibly be held accountable for financial crimes and misdeeds

The Supreme Court has, once again, refused to take an act of loyalty to the former administration. We know that trump picked three of the nine current Supreme Justices, which makes this very encouraging, especially considering how trump felt about “personal loyalty” to him being the most possible part of the job of anybody he appointed. This is no question in my mind that he hoped that those three judges would and could rule to back him and his choices. However, so far they have steadfastly refused to do so, but instead stays loyal to the Constitution and done what was right for the people.

The question could very easily be asked, and perhaps, should be as to why trump wants his taxes kept secret. The more he protests, the more I think that there is something in those tax returns that he doesn’t want the public to know — perhaps something very illegal. The irony is that he, himself, swore to make them know as late as 2014. Even in 2016, coming up to the malarkey of an excuse that he was being audited, he promised to release them as soon as that audit was complete. Here it is 2021 and he is still fighting the release. It is very apparent to me that he has something in those forms that he doesn’t want to be made public. Whether that is payments from Russia or illegal deals in the United States, along the same lines as Michael Cohen has already said were done in paying Stormy Daniels out of campaign funds.

As late as Yesterday, however, the Supreme Court ruled not to side with trump against the DA of Manhattan who is subpoenaing eight years of tax returns. This is the second time that this case has appeared before the Supreme Court. The first time it was referred back to the lower court when trump’s attorneys claimed it was too vague. Well, the case was upheld by the lower court, and this time, the Supreme Court simply said “nothing doing, we are not getting involved.”

Thanks to this decision, the Grand Jury will be able to see and evaluate any evidence found in his tax returns for those eight years, and therefore judge him guilty or innocent. (personally, I have very little doubt that the verdict will be guilty). As we know, this criminal case is only one of the suits against trump. In New York, there are civil cases against him as well. I suspect any evidence that the DA’s office gets for their case will be shared with the persons following through with the civil case, but I am not certain. If that information could be used, I suspect a lot of people would be getting satisfaction from the times that trump screwed them out of money.

trump has gotten away with many things that he should never have been allowed to get away with. The DOJ has a horrible rule that basically says that a person in the White House can commit any crime at all, and not face justice. That is wrong and is one of the first things that needs to be changed, or we will face future attempts at subverting justice due to power concentrated in the offices of the White House. That should have been made clear with Nixon’s criminal activity, but apparently, we didn’t learn our lesson then and had to have this as a repeat.

I want trump to face every judge involved, in the myriad cases against him, and his guilt or innocence established beyond any doubt. My personal suspicion is that he is guilty as charged, especially in New York. Then we have the NAACP case and the Georgia case where he is accused of opening out of a mob mentality by threatening the vote counters in that state and trying to get them to “find” votes for him.

Watch out, we could have a great deal of activity in the court system over the next two-three years. But Justice is important, as is the clarification that nobody is above the law — not even trump, although he seems to think so.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.