Sunday Morning Thanksgiving……DACA

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Those of you that have been reading my posts are aware that just two days ago, I wrote a blog telling what I wanted from a Biden presidency. There was a list of six items that I said I expected to be done, hoped would be done as quickly as possible, under the Biden Administration. I wrote that blog on Dec 4th.

Obviously, there has yet to be a change in administration. That won’t take place until Jan 20th of next. But the good news is that one of the six things has already been solved by the courts. On or just before the day I wrote that blog, Judge Nicholas Garufis of the US District Court in Brooklyn handed down a ruling that the DACA program has to go back to exactly what it was under President Obama.

This decision means two things. First, those persons who are already in the DACA program are safe from deportation as long as they still qualify. In addition, the program has to review and accept up to 300,000 new candidates into the problem. Remember, these people are the ones that the current administration has refused to process.

This is just one of the moves in the right direction that I was hoping and praying that the Biden administration would quickly rectify, but it is an important key need. These kids were brought to this country by no decision of their own, their parents made that decision. However, each and every one of the DREAMERS has, since being here, done what all citizens do, in terms of education. Often they have opened businesses or become doctors and lawyers. They have done well. To work toward a path to citizenship is the RIGHT thing to do, and the DACA program is that first step. Congress needs to define the path and roll it out. But at least the first step is in place.

Fortunately, trump is too busy “figuring out all his legal options” to say it nicely. Heck, that is not what I really think and we all know that. What trump is really doing is trying to steal the election by bit by bit having all the people who poured out in mass to save our country from a government that was moving toward a dictatorship, and not a benign one at that, and voted. We voted to save our country from trump…..from his abuse of everything we hold dear. That “being too busy” will likely mean that his focus will be put on trying to ignore and/or fight the actual election results rather than fighting against the DACA ruling in any kind of organized way.

So, let's breathe a sigh of relief about DACA and start pushing Congress to work on the rest of the path to citizenship so that these young deserving people can be legally a part of our great (hopefully again now with trump gone) Nation. And of course, there is a lot more to work on. trump has done a LOT of damage.

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