So where is the RNC conference going to be? Confusing 2 1/2 months for sure

I am reminded of the joke of the old curse that went “may you have an interesting life”. Well, it is going to be an interesting “life” over the next months, there is not doubt. We were told that, when the decision was made to basically pull the RNC convention out of Charlotte. Now the plan was made two years ago to have it there and the plan apparently was on track.

However, they hit a snag because the governor of North Carolina, when it was decided that the health precautions of wearing masks and physical distancing was something that had to be dismissed, the negotiation broke down. The governor of N Carolina was not willing to risk the health of his citizenry by opening up a stadium to 50,000 or so people without masks or social distancing. He felt, rightly, as I see it, that it was too big a risk too early in the game. Espeically September is the beginning of the slowing which is when medical professionals have suggested Covid-19 will intensify again along with the flu season. trump, however was unwilling to compromise or accept less crowded conditions and masks for everybodies protection, so he announced that the RNC was pulling out of Charlotte, and laid the blame on the Governor.

But then the questions become 1. where it is going to go, 2. can it contractually totally pull out and 3. how is the new location supposed to get ready in less than three months. Apparently some felt that other locations would be jumping at the chance, but is that really true? Not really, it would appear. The cities on the list were put forth as follows but in no particular order of preference:



Las Vegas


New Orleans

San Antonio

I may be missing one but let’s look at the ones listed.

1. New Orleans — definitely a no go. Mayor Cantrell indicated that “we have no interest in bidding on this conference. This location should have been seen as the very long shot that it was and is. Mayor Cantrell is the mayor that got blamed by some for spreading Covid-19 by having Mardi Gras, a festival that comes around every year and has for literally decades. Her response then and now is that had she been given guidance that Covid-19 was going to be as bad as it turned out to be, Mardi Gras would have been cancelled.

Mayor Cantrell has fought, going further even than Gov Edwards mandated, in retaining social distancing and the wearing of mask. Gov Edwards, when he decided to start opening the state, deferred to her judgement on what New Orleans would do. She elected to be more cauction. She is not even announcing yet that Mardi Gras will happen in 2021. The last I heard, she was still saying that it would depend on how things went. Having been blindsided by the pandemic once, and been an epicenter for numbers of cases per population, she has absolutely or desire to risk anything until the dust settles. If she isn’t willing to guarantee Mardi Gras, which is a New Orlean tradition of long standing, she was very unlikely to approve having the RNC convention move here, especially since trump is someone that she feels she has been burned by once before.

2. Nashville — They do not have the money to do it as a city. I am not saying that on my own. That is what the Mayor of Nashville has said. There are still rumblings about getting the Tennessee government to pay for the convention to be held in Nashville. That is a possibility, but remember Nashville is a blue city. Yes, it is in a red state but Nashville is a very progressive city…at least in comparison to other parts, none of which would have the facilities with the possible exception of Memphis.

3. Jacksonville and Orlando — of course Gov DeSantis is all in for either city to do it. But the question becomes are the cities ready and able. Also, there are indications that the Covid-19 pandemic is not going away in the state with the Miami Herald reporting that in the last two days, there have been around 3,000 new cases found. And even though DeSantis would like to have it, he has expressed reservations about having a “full conference”. How does that differ from what North Carolina had issues with? Well, time will tell how it works out.

The Mayor of Miami interjected that he would be glad to have it, but the Miami Beach has indicated their reluctance to proceed for the same reasons North Carolina did….health and safety with Covid-19. Jacksonville and Orlando seem equally unsure.

4. Las Vegas — this one was seen as counter to the interest in doing the conference either in a Republican state or one that was in play. Why? Because Nevada went for Clinton both times, then for Bush, but then Obama both times, and finally in 2016 it went for Hillary. Every indication is that Nevada is more than likely going to go for Biden. But, there sure would be a lot of gitch and glitter for trump and his fellow Republicans to enjoy, I guess.

4. San Antonio — -i seriously haven’t read anything one way or the other about them.

It seems that the deadline for having plans in place is getting shorter and shorter. The Tampa RNC conference is reported to have taken a couple of years to plan out fully. And on top of that, some of the delegates to the convention are going to the very folks most susceptible by age and related health to be hurt by sudden total opening up with no restrictions.

There are even some rumors floating around, and this is indeed rumor, that least one state is having trouble coming up with delegates who are willing to travel to the convention in the age of Covid-19. Repeat, this is unverified.

At the very least, we are looking at a real adventure of planning and deciding for the next few months. There is no reason to assume that either the pandemic or the issue of Blacks being killed by cops will have disappeared as an issue. There seems to be more violence against young Black men every day. Not all of any group is good or bad. However, after reading about the Buffalo cops who knocked a 75 year man, who was there protesting the murder of George Floyd, over and left him there and the 57 other police in the emergency unite that resigned from the unit in support of the two that mistreated the older gentleman, Buffalo is another problem city. (personally I would have been tempted to fire all 59 of them, and hire cops that understand that knocking people over is not part of “protect and serve”.

And lets stop the rhetoric about “George Floyd” was not perfect. No, he wasn’t. He was a human being and therefore not perfect. In fact, he may have tried to pass a counterfeit twenty. But the question is, did he deserve to DIE for that? My answer is a resounding no!!! I see that as police brutality and murder most foul as the old line goes. So don’t expect the protests against police over-reaction leading to killing of those that were stoppable in other less drastic ways to stop immediately. Whether that will impact where the convention takes place depends on where another police office might be should one use excessive force and badly injure or kill someone.

Let’s hope for the best on the police brutality front. It would be better for all, whoever we are.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.