so precisely who are the so-called Federal Officers in Portland and why does nobody there know who they are??

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3 min readJul 21, 2020

Remember back when Obama was President, and there was a military drill going on, that had been done periodically throughout the years, called the Helm something or other? Remember the right-wing screaming and yelling that Obama was going to deny people their civil rights and attack people in their own back yards?

Well, now, with trump, “Federal officers” are being sent into American cities to do something, nobody is quite sure what. First of all, Portland was the first location. Apparently, over time, the peaceful protests were successful and there was police reform in the process. However, also apparently, a few people were still causing problems. Apparently, there was an upheaval at a park in a Black neighborhood. The violence is at night and is in a very limited area.

However, without any request from the state or local government, trump sent what are being called “Federal Officers” into the area. Now Barr has long been on the side of the argument that says that Federal Officers have the duty to protect Federal installations including courthouses. However, per the local community, that is not where the current action is taking place.

Instead, these “officers” are in the process of lopping tear gas at mom’s who are forming a protective boundary demanding that the officers not attack their children. In addition, there are two videos of brutal “policing” action. in one case, a former Naval office who wanted to simply ask why these people were violating their oaths to defend the citizenry instead of attacking them and ended up with a brutally crushed hand. He is likely going to have to have metal plates put in his hand.

The second video was of a young man that they claimed lopped something at the officers. However, in the video, it is clear to me that he was standing there holding a sign before they knocked him on the ground.

I can’t help remembering how trump was so reluctant to call out the Nazi’s in Charlottesville Va. Yet, he is the first one to jump on the Antifa’s as being a problem while also giving the Boogooloo Boys and other White Supremacist organizations free passes. Nobody in Portland seems to know who these so-called Federal officers really are. So my question is WHO ARE THEY???

trump is also making sounds about sending some of these same “officers” to other cities, again not invited, not petitioned, and basically against the wishes of the local governments in those locations. He is being taken to court, and hopefully, this NEW over-reach will be put a stop too.

If the local government can’t handle any violence, they have the National Guard. If the National Guard can’t handle it, then and only then should any Federal officers be brought into play…and only with the state’s request. Otherwise, they should still strictly to actual courthouses, or federal installations at the very least, and that is assuming that particular interpretation, apparently arrived at by William Barr, trump’s lackey, is correct, which I wonder about.



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