So are we even going to attempt to turn this gun violence thing around?

A simple look at our twin obsessions in this country history shows easily why we are soo FORKED as a nation, and will likely never made any headway against violence until we re-examine our society…and that does not mean the Muslims in our society, nor does it mean the Blacks, or hispanics. it means the whole set up of our society.

Once again over the weekend, we have had another horrible case of the violent shooting of many people. It has proved almost impossible to even understand the scope of the disaster becuase the numbers keep changing. At one point it was 20 dead, and 200 shot and injuried. Now it is up to 58 killed and 515 injured. Who knows at this point what the final result will be when the body count is finalized.

What we know about Stephan Paddock is fairly limited. We know that his father was apparently a crook, but he spend little time with the man, or so says his brother. He was fairly well to do, and loved to pay 100 dollars hands of poker. He had been divorced and lived with a woman in a small town outside Vegas.

That is NOT the profile of where we currently put all our focus when it comes to the possiblity of violence. There is no evidence that he fits any “muslim” profile being a Nevadan of long standing, and whiter than I am, and that is saying something. I have felt that we, as a country, are creating our own issue here, and that is not to celebrate the deaths but to give full focus to what the issue really is.

The issue is two fold. On one hand, we have the absolute obsession with “the muslim threat” that people like trump himself fans the flames of. The bigotry and hatred exprssed in this obsesion vilifies a whole class of people, therefore fueling the efforts of the extremist that exist in ALL groups, including the Muslim culture, to target and win more converts. After all, we provide the exact piece of evidence that the radical needs to add more adherents. After all, they can easly point to the situatin and say “see the Anericans are really your enemy…it is your DUTY to stand up against the infidel that is trying to destroy your way of life.

Note, the reversal of the claim by the right,. Propangda works because the same argurment can be used for diametically opposed positions.

So actiion number 1 should be the turning away from the absolute obsessive hatred of Muslims that seems to provade this country. I have always suspected that focusing on Muslims almost exclusively would give the violent militra and other extremists in this country to surprise us with violence, and we got Charlottesesville. One of the right wing extremist killed a young woman with his car…while we were blathering on about the ‘muslim threat”.

Thinly disguised ‘muslim bans” where travel is supposedly “just being restricted” from exclusively or close to, Muslim countries is not convincing anybody that they are not correct to see that and the “muslim registry” that trump tossed in the air as a possibilty is anything but what it is….ie a willingness to engage in religious discrimination, one of the supposed evil tendencies that we hve always sworn we in America would NEVR do, in order to focus on the .01 percent of muslims that might actually be a danger.

And then there is the other elephant in the room that nobody wants to address. Guns are made to kill…and yet so many of us want every tom dick harry and harriet to have virtually free access to guns.

When gun control is bought up as a reaction to violent events like this,…some idiot in politics on the right is always going to use that same old “now is not the time to discuss this” bull crap to prevent it being seriously looked at.

The fact of the matter seems to boil down, to a lot of people in this country like killing…it may just that thinking about it, and approving of it, is the only way they feell like a man, or a strong woman. But is their love of guns, and gun violence as a result, enough of a “good” to continue to have mass killings every few months.

I would like to point out that only once have foreign nationals killed a bunch of people. Snce 9–11 even when the person doing it was Muslim, they had been in this country for years, possibly ever since birth.

Kind of makes one thing that maybe, just maybe there is something about American society that fuels all this violence, doesn’t it. Oh no?? I forgot there tons of people rigth here on blogster when their eyes welded shut because of their “lets kill ’em all and let God seperate them out” approach to dealiing with anybody that doesn’t fit their demographic…which inckudes blacks, hispanics, and Muslims…basiclaly anybody with brown or black skin. And those orientals sure looked sneaky to, btw.

Well, at some point MOST of the American populatn will hopefully come to oru senses and force some sort of gun control. Yeah, that would mean only criminals have guns..I hear it comeing. But would tha really be a bad thing.

“The Freedom to bear arms” was perhaps an ok policy when just about everybody lived in the wide open spaces, but makes absently NO sense when we are living piled up againsst each other, which for some is enough in and of itself may just be the trigger for some of these violence prone people.

yes, I am saying it…it is time that we stop our obsession over “the muslim threat” and focus on violence…and as a corrollary stop allowiing every crackpot in america to have a gun and the “legal right to carry it around in public. That is just aaking for mass murder.

But will anything be done?. I doubt it. Apparently even now not enough have died for a principal that we are so such is the right one. After all, America never makes any mistakes…ever. Yes, that is precisely how arrogant many of us are.

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