Since Republicans like vigilante/busybody laws, can democrats use the same type of law to save actual human lives?

In Texas, the right came up with what I can only call a busybody law that allows anybody in the country to sue a person who either gets or gives an abortion, a right that is guaranteed by Roe Vs Wade. The Supreme Court ruled in all its “wisdom” that provided the defendants in the case had the right to sue in Federal Court, the law was acceptable. What is “hilarious” about the whole thing is that I have listened to “conservatives” rank about over-reaching government and the use of informants to harry persons for a while. This is funny since those same people are rejoicing at this over-reach into the personal choices of American citizens.

However, it does bring up an interesting point. Why couldn’t those of us who realize how horrible and dangerous it is to have people clomping through downtown, the local mall, church, and bars with AR-15’s use the same approach to stop that pointless risk to actual contributing, living human life? I started to say that our most recent outrage in this regard was Rittenhouse who took it upon himself to arm himself with an AR-15 and killed two people but sadly, he is not the last.

I assure you, I have never once been threatened because someone got an abortion. That danger ended at the moment i was born. However, until Covid took center stage and I started staying home to avoid contagion, I was active in the protest movement for equal rights for all, including Blacks and Brown folks, along with followers of Islam and especially the LGBTQ community. Those protests are just as protected as anything else by the Constitution. Someone carrying an AR-15 was a threat to me. Nobody ever knows which crazy gun nut will try to take out crowds of people until they do it. So yes, abortion no threat, guns threat!!!

So, what advice do I give those persons who find themselves in danger of being pregnant with an unwanted fetus in Texas? Since the bill still allows abortion to the 6th week, I would recommend early detection. It is possible to find out a lot sooner now than it used to be. And there is always the “morning-after pill” which is usable in the first three days after the impregnating encounter. I have no children or grandchildren, but trust me, if I had a 12 or 13-year old daughter or granddaughter who was raped, I would very likely get her an early detection test at the least, and probably the morning after pill if she reported it to me promptly.

But back to the issue of using this type of law for good. As it turns out both Newsom of California and the Attorney General of New York State have already started working toward just such a bill to prevent gun violence. In other to apply the same principle with the Supreme Court, the idea is that anybody can bring charges against someone carrying firearms in public. Not that the Supreme Court is to be trusted to be consistent, but it would surely be a great test case.

The thing is that guns are a threat to anybody in the vicinity. There is no telling how well-trained that gun-packing teenage boy or even that 50-year-old woman is. Now can we know by looking at them how mentally stable the person is? If they either lose control of the gun or go postal, many many people will die. With abortion, the woman and her doctor are the only two that are definitely involved. People use religious arguments to justify anti-abortion rhetoric, but the fact is that there is freedom of religion in this country which means that the anti-abortionists can truly only apply that belief to themselves. When they try to apply it to everybody else, that is an infringement on those persons' right to live in accordance with their own values.

Personally, I certainly differ from the anti-abortionists who like to CLAIM to be pro-life but then often want the baby to sink or swim on its own. Oh, they don’t say that, they say “the parents should take care of it” but then what kind of life do you imagine a woman who is forced to give birth to that unwanted fetus who often she can’t afford to raise will actually provide?

QUALITY of life is what is important. I know a little about what “not being wanted” feels like, and it is horrible. Also to the argument that a fetus is human, I remember absolutely nothing from my mother’s womb. I have never met anybody who could convince me that they had. So on what basis is that argument made??? Those of you who believe that abortion is what, I suggest you don’t get one, and in the case of other people, just mind your own business. But sadly, that is too much for some to get in their heads.,even%20if%20you%20are%20pregnant




68 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.

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Left Wisdom

Left Wisdom

68 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.

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