Should the democratic party pick a moderate, even a gay moderate? Why?? Fear??

This is an expansion of a response to another article I read. The person was saying that the democrats were playing a dangerous game. More specifically, that the United States is not ready for a gay president. The same thing was said about the first Catholic to be elected to the presidency, and yet today, we remember Kennedy as one of the good ones. At least those who understand that it is no longer the 1930’s or 1940’s do.

Then the rhetoric was “the United States is not ready for a black president.” The result was Obama. Of course some hated him, but many of us loved Obama. He was a good bridge from old style to a newer vision of the world. He seemed to understand that the United States was not justified in continuing to single handedly tell the whole world what to do. Coalitions were important to Obama. In addition, he was forward thinking enough to be the first American President to realize that not recognizing the lives of the LGBTQ community was discrimination, just like it was when Blacks were expected to ride in the back of the bus. Under him, the Supreme Court make one of their best decisions yet, and agreed that gay people’s marriages should be viewed legally on the same level as heterosexual relations.

If you notice, most of the people who hated, and hate Obama will argue against marriage equality. They still do, as one can tell often right here on this site.

But is America really for a gay president. Not sure, but frankly a gay president is the least of my concerns. My concern has more to do with WHICH gay is America really for. Or rather, who represents the wave of the future. As a gay male, I certainly would love to see a gay male, or a lesbian in the White House. It would mean even more, I suspect, for young gay men and women to see someone like themselves in such a public position. In other words a way of affirming their dignity and worth as human beings.

That aside, I am not at all sure that this is the time for Pete Buttigieg. Why? He is gay, he is married and seems to have a wonderful life. However, he is also a bit of a moderate. Moderates don’t really do change. They seem to advocate for the status quo. And the last thing we need right now is the status quo.

We are in the midst of a four year term of the absolutely worst kind of politician in the White House. This man has destroyed anything approaching civility and statesmanship and substituted nastiness and the attitude of an insult comic. At the same time, he has make friends with the worst dictators and alienated our foreign allies. And that doesn’t include his demonizing the free press and trying to shut them up., Now he has not once, but twice, used or tried to use foreign agents to help him work his will, but is publicly attacking everybody who had the nerve to stand against him.

Meanwhile, on the general economic page, automation and AI s are currently being prepared to take over many many of the jobs currently done by human beings. Even jobs in the transport and service industry are in danger with self-driving trucks right around the technological corner.

Interesting the man who swore to “bring jobs back” is also now proposing investment in AI and automation while, at the same time, making it harder for young people to get college educations for jobs that are more likely to be left for human beings. So, there are likely to very soon be a lot of young people unable to get proper training (ie college) for the available jobs.

But don’t worry, the planet is getting more polluted every day as we dig every available space to put in more oil pumping stations rather than investing in what we SHOULD be investing in…renewable clean energy like water and wind power..

So, at this point, who do I think the country is “ready” for? Well, sadly, I don’t think Pete Buttigieg is “radical enough” to aim for the stars which is what we need right now. Yang has dropped out and he had a very interesting suggestion of what to do to fix the economy. The fact of the matter is, that technology is making jobs less available.

Right now Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are the best candidates that I see. And of the two of them, Bernie is the more popular. And who is he popular with? The very people who are going to be the leaders very shortly, the younger two generations. That is to say, pretty much anybody under thirty or thirty-five.

Those under about thirty-five or so, are the ones that have suffered the most and seen huge debt for college. They have seen their expectation of growth in their future go down for the first time in several decades. They see the problems very clearly. And guess what, the problem is politicians in the pocket of corporations and doing the bidding of the highest bidder rather than the American people and what is good for them.

So, in 2020, we are facing a turning point. Is the United States going to opt for four more years of the dictatorial edicts of a man who can’t be bothered to adhere to either truth or the Constitution or is it going to take this opportunity to do what is needed to make this country what it has always tried to proclaim itself to be…a country where everybody has a chance at a fair piece of the pie. Certainly four more years of trump will not help that. I fear that a “moderate” won’t be bold enough to break enough eggs to make the nation better.

I urge the Democratic party not to let fear impede. If Bernie is the pick, go with him and hope that people in this country have learned that going to the radical right is only going to hurt the “little people” and reward those who already have such an overly large percentage of the resources. The latest so called tax reform just gave them more. Someone is always going to have more, that is the nature of life, however, the current inequality that leaves huge populations destitute is NOT acceptable.

Be Bold!!! Give the people hope because without it, the people perish.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.