Part of the Women’s march in the city that care forgot

So, despite the attempt by the man in the white house to make it sound like a celebration of his “many accomplishments over the last year”, it was NOTHING of the sort. It was a cry of RESISTANCE against one of the worst things, possibly THE worst thing that has happened in this country since the Civil War. Ie the election of the man who is top dog in the most racist, anti-poor administrations ever.

Another lie often told about the RESISTANCE is that it is only young people who have no investment in the nation yet, and who are greedy. There were people marching yesterday from one to eiighty-five. I say that as a 64 year old man who was amazed to see some much more elderly looking people along side people that might have been there grandchildren. The older ones were no less angry than the younger ones. We were all of the opinion that things have got to change in this country or our soul as a nation is lost.

In addition, the crowd was diverse as to ehnicities. There were lots of “white” people there. Admittedly the majority were likely white, but then we are the majority of the population. Blacks were in abundance as were Muslims and the most delightful to me personally persons with that milk chocolate complexion that I am so envious of….as welll as being profoundly attracted to.

In addition, there were drag queesns, middle class sububuan house wifes, effeminate men and butch woman….a true rainbow group. Just like our city and our nation….as it SHOULD be. All, I might add getting along marching side by side, in unity.

Looking at the wheathr and how it changed at just the right time for us to have a beatiful lwarm day to march in, I couldn’t help agreeing with one woman who I heard utter the word that God herself was on the scene. It was amazing how the frigid wheather broke just long enough for the march to take place and then turn chilly again.

We started out at Duncan Plaza, in the park right beside many government offiices.

There were lots of signs….some very poignant, and all of them representing the anger and frustration of the people. This sign makes it clear WHO we were fighting for with this march, and the one in 2017, and as long as trump is in the White House, very likely a yearly tradition. We stand with the Black Lives Matters, the Women, and Immigrants, including our Muslim and hispanic brothers and sisters.

There was one sign, that I don’t think I got a picture of that said very boldly and clearly, “no end of the government shut down till the DREAMERS are safe. The DREAMER situation represents for many, if not all of us at this march, the sould of America. The DREAMERS, although brought to this country via the back door opened by businesses and farms, are not as “American” as any of us birth here, an accident of birth as it happens. Their plight has been and continues to be a touchstone for the soul of America and whether it will REALLY live into the soul and mind of the a country worthy of the Statue of Liberty or whether we will take the route of bigoted white nationalistism.

Then there were severall signs with a special message for turmp himself. Two of these came on the same adult trike riden by a woman who I believe to be older than myself. I am not the best on ages, but certainly she was no young girl.

The images are clear and speak truth to power, very strongly and passionaltely.

The first one is obviously a rejection of his “shithole” comment about those living ini Africa or non-white nations in general.

A bit more blunt and concisely complete message to trump who, while calling countires that might be called third world countries ugly names, is turning around and letting the polluters proceed in destroying our own land….via tax give-aways with corporations and the rich, at the expense of everybody else.

This woman speaks for the group gathered yesterday when she states clearly that “we won’t take it laying down” basicially. RESISTANCE is not dead, and will not be until the crook-in-chief is out of office, and hopefully in jail (that last is my add on)

Finally, the sentament of many of us….done up in a humorous vein:

Oh, and I wish I had gotten a shot of another…that said that we would be more than willing to trade trump for any number of immigrants….especially the DREAMERS.

What was amazing was marching down the street,through the French Quarter, a march that was about three miles long in total, and the number of horns that got blown. Now, horns being blown might sound bad, but these were accompanied by victory signs of two figures raised in a V…and were indicatative that others iin our wonderful city agreed witht the protest and the sentiments behind it.

Young people were literally hanging from street lights taking pictures of us as we marched by. It was a very uplifting event indeed, and should we STILL be in the mess we are in now, I look forward to another such march next year.

Oh and we heard and sang some of th old refrains:

No Trump

no kkk

no nazi USA


hey hay ho ho

trump has got to go


What does democracy look like

THIS is what democracy looks like

And periodically, a woman in our midsts played her drums, which made even me, with my two left feet, want to dance and frolic as I marched down the street. Protest is not done, and RESISTANCE is NOT futile. As the civil rights song went “We Shall Overcome”.



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