Part I: History of the UAC


This is a work of fiction…please read it accordingly. However, should something in here ring a bell, you might want to pay attention…just in case.

General introduction to the history

Hi, folks, it is me, Alec. It seems after my last correpondence with Nathan about the state of affairs here in Orleania, he and several others felt that it might be good to have a history of the UAC so that, when and if, the day comes when the drayian forces are driven back into the background and our former union is resurrected as once again the united States of America with the flag of 50 stars, representing the 50 states, we will have the history recorded. You have all heard the old saying that “if you don’t learn from history, you are sure to read it.

Well, we don’t want to do THAT again so lets get the history.

Earliest beginnings

It all begin in 2016, on November 8th. We had come off a 8 year period with one of the best, most unifing presidents ever. At least that is how I saw it. Obama, unfortunately was half Black, and sadly there were enough people who had issues with that to combine with people that were still hurting financialy due the financial collapse of 2008 that Obama and the woman who was running to replace him that they both fell into disrepute.

Now, many, myself included, tried to warn the country that voting for a racist blowhard to effect change in the finanical sitation was going to have negative results met with skeptism. Honestly, personally I was dismayed and astonished by this since our of trumps own mouth, he had make fun of a reporter with a handicap, belittled a female reporter personally about a very private matter for daring to ask him a question (as a reporter that was her JOB). How can they not see he is a jerk we asked, to no avoid.

Now he didn’t get elected by anything like the majority altought amazingly there are actually people 9 years later that think he did. He did not, in fact, getting three million fewer than his opponent, Villiary. It was only because of the electrial college, there to give a bit of a boost to smaller states that got him elected….with fewer actual votes.

The narrative changes

Once in, of course, the narrative changed and the story sold by his supporters was that he got the majority of the vote — a real mandate some of them said. Altough 3 million fewer actually voted for him, that fact, when it was faced was side stepped by a real reach at invalidating it.

All sorts of explanations were advanced for why it LOOKED like he got fewer votes. He tried to sell the accusation that there were fake voters, people who were registered, and who, it was implied had voted in more than one state. The irony of that is that one of his children was found to have been registered in two states. No evidence was ever found that anybody, including his daughter, had actually voted in both of the states they were registered in.

So you had all sorts of absurd claims coming out of the White House including a lie told by one of his advisers saying that he knew for a fact that a bunch of people were in the habit of voting in more than one state. In fact, he tired to sell the lie that “everybody working in elections in New Hampshire knows that is true. Nobody else ever came forward to confirm that.

It was to become clear after all, that this rush of constant misinformation was hiding some nefarious work being done that we weren’t supposed to notice. Sadly few of us saw past the lies enough to get even glimpse of the real crime going on. Oh, we knew in our gut that something was very wrong, but we didn’t even guess what it was.

continuing 4 years

Through the entire term, from 2017 iin January until the next election in November of 2020, the country was overcome with confusion and misinformation. if there were a meating with 10,000 people in attendance in support of trump, who started “campaigning for 2020s election on Jan 21, 2016. Yes, you read that right, he kept the campaign going after being elected for the entire time of his term.

Meanwhile nothing was going well in the country. As many of us had warned people, the rich got richer and the poorer got poorer. His campaign had inincluded, besides bullying and nasty talk, all sorts of promises. None of them turned out the way he said they would, or if they did, they ended costing the American taxpayer dearly.

He tried to get a wall built for three of the four years. He started out sayng that Mexico would pay for the wall, but Mexico told him that they would NOT in no uncertain terms. He then tried to suggest to the American people that he would somehow find a way to force Mexico to pay for the wall.

Some of us had our eyes and ears open and knew when he made that claim that it was a lie. Even if he want the tarrif route and added lot of import fees to Mexican goods, all that that would accomplish would be make the product harder to find in order to buy it, and the price to go up. So, in the end we were going to pay for that wall anyway..

Others, just enough to help make sure the idea of that wall didn’t die a natural death, bought this scheme without question.

There were other issues tht pledged us for the entire four years. I think most of us lost count of the illegal and unconstitutional effort he made to get Muslims singled out to be bannd from coming to the country, no matter the relationship or wheter they had a relationship with someone that was already here.

And over-arching everything was a scandel of election collusion with a well know enemy of our national interest. There was lots of hints of this but the espionage had been so well crafted that it almost proved to be our total undoing. To be honest, we all sort of lost track of that scandel in the snow storm of other scandals…it was non-ending. Whenever the investigation got to close, dray would create another distraction.


With all the misdirection, it was hard to keep up with everything and there were things that we started just dismissing as unimportant, or in the confusion in the constant over turn in the White House and other adisory staff, got missed.

And those things that we missed, were to prove to be our undoing in 2020. Stay tuned for the next report from your man in the Big Easy. Till next time……………..

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