Open Letter to President Biden about Cuba

I like President Biden and think he is doing a good job considering all the obstructionists in Congress, including one or two in his own party. However, nobody is perfect and nobody notices everything that needs to be done. Everybody needs input in order to do their job better and more comprehensively. Our having a truly decent human being as a President does not absolve us, as citizens, from bringing things to his attention that we think need to be.

Biden is doing well. He has undone some of the worst things that the previous administration did that were so downright nasty. He isn’t out there giving cover to Neo-Nazies and White Nationalists and other racially divisive groups, for one. In addition, he moved to get diversity into his administration. However, there are two things he has yet to undo. Although he has returned us to the world stage as a trustworthy ally to our friends, he has not undone the damage that the previous administration did to our treaties with Iran and the attitude we were working under with Cuba. As many of us remember, the treaty with Iran was working to achieve the goals and Obama was moving to finally stop the embargo and harassment of Cuba.

Of course, Iran stopped obeying the elements of the treaty since the United States unilaterally rejected that treaty under the last administration, and Cuba went back to the junk heap. Now, the deal with Iran is having to be renegotiated, and Cuba is in bad straits, so I wrote an email to the President telling him I think it's time for diplomacy and a move to full normalization.


Dear President Biden:

There are many things that you have shown real leadership in. I also know that many things are outside your purview as President. You can’t get everything that we need in terms of infrastructure without a buy-in by congress, and in that body, you have not only to contend with Republicans but also two Democrats that are serving as obstructionists.

However, there is one area where I feel you not only might be able to do something but SHOULD. That is with Cuba. As you know President Obama decided to change the attitude we had toward that nation and to move toward normalizing relations. Then the next administration reneged on that action.

As a result, our treatment of Cuba as a nation is partially, at least, to blame for the shortages that have caused the turmoil in that neighboring nation. I beg you to move to diplomacy as quickly as possible in order to relieve the pressure that is hurting the citizenry of that nation. The crackdown was unfortunate but not unexpected with the trials and tribulations that tiny country has been deal.

Your’s sincerely,

A concerned citizen (of course the real email has my name on it)

I share this in case some others might like to join the effort.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.