Only in a trump administration, would a John Bolton be a hero

Let it be said, it is only because I realize the evil that is represented by the trump administration, that I will look at John Bolton as a hero. I consider him to be a sort of anti-hero. He is one of those individuals that put the lie to the old saying that “there is honor among thieves”.

There is, in fact, no honor among thieves. They are all dangerous and a problem for the rest of us. However, when the thieves start falling out with each other, begin the fun. That happened with Omarosa and has now happened with John Bolton. I applaud thieves falling out, it is often the best home we the people have.

John Bolton has written another tell-all book and that, in today’s environment, is commendable as far as it goes. However, the truly honorable thing would have been to testify before congress. He didn’t choose to but instead decided to hold off and write a book. A book, I might add, that will make him considerable money. So, I tend to think of him as being something like a police informant, that gives information for consideration in either cash or immunity. Still, good information, just given at a price.

So what is his reason for holding off till there was a book deal? According to him, in the Washington Post article, that I was able to read this morning, but may not be able to this afternoon, because of their membership requirement issues, he did it because he thought the Democrats were doing a partisan investigation and he didn’t want to be part of that. His second in command had received a subpoena and had threatened to go to court over it, supposedly to force a decision on who had the top billing on such things, Congress or the White House. Because of all that, the subpoena for the second got withdrawn and the one for Bolton was never issued. I reject the “partisan” excuse as just that — an excuse. A man that cared about doing what was right for the country should have been glad to appear and tell the absolute truth. But then, that is me and my parents stressed doing the right thing regardless of who or what is affected.

However, there is no question that now that he IS speaking up, he has some important things to say. First of all, he says that the impeachment process didn’t go far enough. While it is true that trump tried to blackmail Ukraine into doing his dirty work by investigating Biden, he also tried the same thing on China as well.

So in addition to the already known about an attempt to blackmail Ukraine, what does Bolton say? Yes, Bolton confirms that trump tried to blackmail Ukraine into investigating Biden. Incediently, Ukraine did end up doing an investigation and found Biden, Hunter at least, innocent. Since the actions of Hunter were a prime part of the whole “investigation”, I would think that means the whole thing was another nothing-burger dreamed up by trump for his own political gain, like almost everything else he has done and said.

1. trump begged the Chinese leader to buy soybeans to “save his re-election chances” offering in exchange his indifference to Taiwan and ethnic Chinese that were being imprisoned (these were about 1 million Uighurs)

2. at the same time, he offered to get the Justice Department to drop charges against Halkbank, which might have implicated Erdogan. This, according to Bolton was an attempt to convince Erdogan that he was a “strong-man” also.

3. Confirms what has already been known by many of us, that trump is unfocused, easily irritated, incurious, and downright vindictive.

4. The NSC is cleared of wrongdoing according to Bolton. The blame for the Covid-19 damage to the United States falls on China and trump. trump only reacted when it affected the stock market.

5. trump exhausted top-ranking aides. Here he uses John Kelly as a prime example. (From my position outside this mess, I would put that a slightly different way…trump created a toxic environment stocking the administration with the worst people possible in terms of creating anything like a positive atmosphere for working today)

While repeating my earlier statement that Bolton is another one of the “thieves” that is a party to what amounts to a falling out in the ranks, nonetheless, he points out some important truths. Nothing that I have read tells me that there is any truly new information, but another voice saying it can’t really hurt, can it?!!

Being fascinated, as I am, by this horrible train wreck of an administration, I will be getting a copy of Bolton’s book, from the library not buying it, to see what else he has to say.




68 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.

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Left Wisdom

Left Wisdom

68 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.

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