one thing you won’t hear trump brag about….first in lawsuits

trump is always bragging about outdoing every other recent person in the White House, but there is one way that he really IS ahead of every recent president, but you don’t hear him bragging about that. That is because his administration has been sued for wrong and damaging policy more than the last three presidents. In fact, he has had 3 times as many lawsuits filed than the three. He is, indeed, the best at getting sued.

Of course a lot of them, we already know about. He was sued repeatedly over his attempt to discriminate againts Muslims, even once trying to renege on already processed and agreed to visits. That time he ended up not only getting two judges to rule against him but lost two of the committees that he wanted to install claiming he wanted advive. Both were cancelled because consumers and advertisers indicated that those businesses participating would lose a lot of their business. The businesses wise pulled out.


But lets look at things that are going on right now. The ACLU is suing because of his attacks on the asylum seekers coming to the border. Now he claims that anybody coming to a non-designated crossing point is invading. But then when the last group came, he had them detained anyway, and they came to designating entry points. That shows the dishonesty that trump and his administration engage in. But even if they did come to a non-designated entry point, there is a law on the books that asylum seekers have to be considered wherever they show up. Talk about man’s inhumanity to man.


The Center for Biological Diversity, knowing that any niche that gets destroy impacts the entire ecosystem has fired 95 lawsuits over Zinke’s inconsistent support for wild life conservation. This administration obviously cares little about the envirnment and consider perfectly fine to “pave paradise and build a parking lot” in their push for more for the big corporations. Like i have said elsewhere many times, every one of trumps choice to head up departments is the very opposite of what the department needs…intent seems to be destroy..


Oregon has had a law on the books for 31 years that is in essense a scantuary bill. Oregon doesn’t see it as their job to enforce federal mandates, and use money better spend on serious crimes inside of hard working Hispanics who came to this country to work and make a good life and obey laws. In fact, this law came up for a vote by the population in a recent election and the population overwhelmly voted to keep the law on the books. Now the trump administration has decided to cancel a grant for law enforcement of 4 million dollsrs. The state of Oregon is sueing them.


And true to form for a “populist” who comes to power appealing to the people’s worst most hateful instincts, the groups under attack exact. To paraphrase the long known ditty about Hitler, trump came for Hispanics, and many applauded, so he came for Muslims, many applauded, then he came for the transgendered. And yes, once again, the bigots nationwide applauded. But Lambda Legal and the HRA is not letting it slide. They are taking him to court on this discriminatory decision. We need to hold the line, and hold this administrations feet to the fire, or there will be nobody else to fight when he comes for you or I. And as we know from the last such “populist” that got into power, he will keep adding to the list of people he wsnts tomakesecond class citizens….or define out of existance entirely, as he is now trying to suggest for the transgendered population as well.


Although it is not definite, it looks like the next lawsuit will be by jim Acosta and CNN. It was announced by Sam Donaldson and there some lawyers that have weighted in on it. CNN says it has reached out but not gotten a response so stay tuned. As a person who has seen the original and then the redone video, I am strongly of the opinion that the white house is trying to gaslight us into thinking that Acosta was the aggressive when anybody can see that the intern was invading Acosta space and trying to yank the mic out of his hands. i would love to see this lawsuit come to past and include slander and/or defamation of character, because that is what this is.

The trump administration has shown that it is now the friend of the common man. This is a man who feels free to make fun of obvious physical handicaps, judge women based on their appearance alone…IN PUBLIC. and more recently engage in what I can only call defamation of character by accusing Jim Acosta of karate choping the grabby intern. She evaded HIS space but they are saying he was the aggressive.

How many lies are some people in this country going to fall fore because they come to their senses? It is apparently true that you can fool some of the people all the time. But not everybody, I , for one don’t buy what he is selling, never have, and never will.

this is just one of several articles, go to google and search for latest on Jim Acosta and CNN.

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