Ok, let’s move some of the blame for the killing from Kyle to Wisconsin and the Gun Lobby

Kyle Rittenhouse, getting ready to hunt………….human beings??!!

This article is a response to the prior post that generated 2500 plus visits to this website and plenty of input elsewhere. I thought about a title for this one, and came up with several:

1. Please if someone steals my computer or dents my car, don’t shoot them dead in the street

2. the Republicans, trying to destroy everything decent about our nation

3. The hold of the noxious NRA…otherwise known as “the gun lobby”.

4. The senseless of parents raising children today

5. Let’s wave a red flag then pretend it is “just self-defense”.

We are at an odd and dangerous place in America these days. First of all, one of the most rabid racists or, alternatively, a “populist” (which is anything but concern for average humans but instead a division of a nation and demonizing of large swaths of the population) was elected, with what many of us are fairly sure was help from foreign entities with no real interest in the wellbeing of our nation, to be president. He made it clear from the outside that foreigners, or even those that looked foreign, were not as “welcome”. In particular founders of Islam, many of whom came to the US to escape violence and prejudice in their homes or origin were suspects. In addition, Mexicans were obvious “rapists, etc, etc” with a few being good, instead of the opposite which is actually the truth. Just like Hitler in the 1930s and 1940s, he got his hooks into the American psycho and we have yet to exorcise him, with one party still enslaved to his rhetoric. Trulydangerousfor many of us…as we already saw that after he had ranted a while about Islam and Hispanic persons, he went after the trans community.

In addition, we have a group of people that have bought the “right to arms” rhetoric in the Constitution that was to be applied to REGULATED MILITIA (by the way, the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and Boogooloo Boys are NOT a real militia which was the early American version of the army..or armed forces, they ARE domestic terrorists) and applied to every Tom, Dick, and Marsha that has hands to hold a gun with. Then, further that although even if one needs to protect oneself, a simple pistol should do the job fine in one’s home, which is all the “castle” that belongs to one, that applies to semi-automatic weapons like an AR-15. Licenses are ok, they say, but only if they are not applied equally across society. If you question that statement, just suggest that exemptions to have the background check be eliminated and see how the gun lobby/NRA/right-wing politicians react.

So we end up with the debacle in Kenosha Wisconsin. First, the law regarding the underage carrying of a weapon had been mangled beyond recognition by the clause added in item 3 that said “only applies to “too short” guns” which sounds to me like nothing but sawed-off shotguns. Anything else is alright to carry with you to the streets, and apparently to churches, parks, and anywhere else, it occurs to you to go. A situation that the Gun Lobby loves, cause “sales” you know!!! So, move some blame to the state and the gun lobby. Done!!!

I am old, I admit it. But I have a memory, and my mother would have “beat my backside” if I had even suggested going to a place like Kenosha and getting involved in the tension. She would not have wanted me to risk my life that way. Because there was already enough tension. Remember, the police had shot a fairly young Black man for no real reason. He had a knife in his hands but he was facing away. Obviously, the Black community was angry, it was another case of police being over-zealous. Since they have put up with 400 years of this crap, obviously all are angry, and some are capable of being more reasonable than others about how they respond. Yet, with this situation on the ground, all his mother can think of is “if he hadn’t had the gun, they might have killed him”. Well, no carp. If he had stayed away and not waved that red flag, THEY might still be alive also.

And here Kyle comes, a white young man with a semi-automatic rifle which would have had to have been seen as unnerving by the Black protestors. He was even in at least semi- “military” attire. His actions were waving a red flag and expected the bull not to charge. Of course, some people were angry and did just that. And he killed two of them.

You might be as amazed as I am by some of the reactions to this event. I even watched a few minutes of Fox (a few minutes is all I can stand with that right-wing propaganda source) and they were wondering why the media is so concerned about the death of Rosenbaum. After all, he is just a pedophile who was mentally ill. There are two problems with that statement. First, he was mentally ill. That in and of itself is a source of sorrow over his death. People that knew him from other events said he was hostile, but they just turned their back and went on with their conversation. Second, the cases of child abuse were from when he was 19 years old, just out of a sexually abusive home. Patterns repeat themselves, it is a known tendency and had absolutely nothing to do with the event of that evening, so even if you thought death was the punishment for being guilty of either of those things, which I don’t, especially considering his background. Kyle can’t claim that as a defense for his action, nor can his advocates. Not and be honest or humane about things.

The other reaction was someone on another site who told me that I was “wrong and sick”. What had I said to deserve that insult? I had made the very simple and true statement that we were founded on liberal principles. It is liberal to believe that everybody is created equal. It is liberal to believe that nobody should be a slave. It is liberal to believe that everybody has a right to determine how they want to live their lives as long as they injure nobody else. By “injure” I am not talking about not abiding by their personal religious doctrine whatever it might be and upsetting their sensitivities about what THEIR religion says…in reaction to other people’s lives

The article below generated over 2500 visits to this site and all that response…some of it very educational. Some of it, drivel. in case you didn’t read it and want to.




68 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.

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Left Wisdom

Left Wisdom

68 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.

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