nine people killed by a non-trump person, 25 by pro-trump or likely pro-trump person…why what a defense

In less than a week, we have had three mass shootings in the United States to total 34 deaths and injuries besides. Yet, many still contend that no gun controls need to be implemented and that people should be allowed, even encouraged to have to that advantage of open and concealed carry into every shopping mall, bank, theater and church in the country. How many people have to die before moves are actually taken to prevent this horrible loss of life.

Now, let’s talk about trump. When anybody knows that violence is running rampant, and his only real avenue of defense is to point out that “the guy in Dayton” was not a supporter, we are in big trouble. How like trump to make it all about himself.

In fact, mass shootings are reaching epidemic proportions in this country and at least part of the case is the rhetoric that trump himself spews about various groups. For example, in El Paso, a town that 80 percent hispanic, the shooter was a White male. Not just any white male, but one that carried a manifesto of hatred against the hispanic community and spouting trumps words about invasions and such.

He went as far as to say that trump was later to the feelings than he was. That is hardly a defense of trump. Why? Because he used language right out of trumps race taunting handbook about Mexicans and other people from south of the border, many if not most of which are asylum seekers taking advantage of our promise of an equal opportunity and a welcome to the tired and poor desiring a better life as provided by the very image of immigration, the Statue of Liberty. We are rapidly losing any moral argument we have ever had for being a beacon of freedom and equality that we ever had, all because of a wave of White Nationalist hatred and xenophobia fueled by a man getting into the white house that feeds that.

Now the Gilroy, California was a fairly minor mass shootings as such things go, at only 3 dead and 13 injured. That is enough to be called a mass shooting but fortunately for the attendees at the Gilroy Garlic festival, more didn’t get hurt. It turns out that this guy had a list of other places he wanted to target, including federal buildings etc.

I might add that the FBI is looking into the guy in Gilroy as an officially declared domestic terrorist. The question of whether or not he was also a White Nationalist has come up. While the FBI has not concluded that he is, they haven’t decided that he is not, either.

So, to trumps brag about “the Dayton guy wasn’t with me”, I have this to say. The one in El Paso WAS with you. He spouted the same hate speech that you do. He hated immigrants just like you do…especially if they happen to have brown skin. So, I think it is fair to say that the most deaths were actually by someone of your ideological cohorts. So, 22 people were killed by a trump follower, 3 were killed by a person with an ideology yet to be determined, but probably another White Nationalist that is anti-government as well.

So nine (9) people were killed by a guy that, whether he was anti-fa or not, was definitely mentally off. after all, he killed his own sister as part of the 9.

trump, pointing out that the shooting in Dayton was not “your guy” is not the defense you think it is. It just draws my attention to the fact that MOST of the death toll was because of your rhetoric and empowerment of the lunatic fringe on the right to go hunting supposed foreigners to kill.

Oh, and trump, if i lived in El Paso, I would be part of the group protesting your visit to the city. YOU are part of the problem, not the solution, in El Paso, and remember the city is 80 percent hispanic. You ain’t getting the green light you expect after all the damage you have caused.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.